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Tour and See the World! My South Korea Trip, last part

Tour and See the World! My South Korea Trip, last part

Finally, I've come to the end of my series on South Korea, which I visited in June 2010, this year. I will be flying off to London soon, and will be definitely posting up wonderful pictures of London and the London School of Economics, where I will be at, soon enough! I will also be touring England once again, so you can expect pictures of my varied travels :)

However, back to the topic at hand - the final travel pictures of South Korea! Some of you might be wondering why I haven't written about or shown pictures of Dongdaemun and Namdaemun (or something like that), the Dong Da Men and the Nan Da Men, which are gates, and which are also very famous for demarcating areas of shopping in South Korea. Well, the thing is that this is my travel site, and I love theme parks more than I do shopping; however, I have added in Dongdaemun right here in the pictures in this post. Without further ado:

Below you can see the very famous and high class Shinsegae, nearby Myeong-dong (which you can read about in my earlier post). This is a departmental store for the rich or the up and coming parvenus.

Apparently, many women go to South Korea for cosmetics and stuff like that - people literally cry out BB CREAM!! FACE SHOP!! FACIAL MASKS!!! when they are here. I kid you not!! So, here, I've included odbo, which sells facial masks and BB cream and all the rest of those interesting cosmetics that South Korean women crave. I can assure you that Mavis loved those facial products as well :)

And finally, as promised to my faithful readers: below, you can see the famous shopping complex/ shopping mall at Dongdaemun. I did not visit Namdaemun this time when I toured Korea, so my sincerest apologies to those who were hoping for more!

You have been right here touring South Korea with all its interesting places and shopping malls with me, here on Tour And See the World! travel blog. Thanks for reading and cheers!

Tour and see the world - special thanks to Mavis

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