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Tour and See the World! Prey Angkungh in Prey Veng, Cambodia

I visited Prey Angkungh in Prey Veng province, Cambodia, on an overseas outreach programme, to lead a team of 27 to build toilets and well facilities in the small, remote, and very poor Cambodian village which lacked basic facilities. In a way it made me reflect on how lucky I am to be in Singapore, and in a developed country where we take many basic necessities for granted, like running water and electricity. [On a slightly different note, as I've not blogged for a long time here on Tour and See the World, I now see that Blogger has a different format and that I can't place the text underneath the pictures, so I'll have a chunk of text describing my experiences, and then the pictures below then. Sorry about that - I'm a Luddite, whoops!] 

The village is very pretty and Cambodia in general is a very beautiful and interesting country. To get to Prey Angkungh, we had to fly from Singapore to Phnom Penh, and then take a long two hour bus ride, cross a river on a ferry, and then take another one hour bus ride to Prey Veng, the eponymously named capital of the province. It was an interesting journey, but let me show you some nice pictures from my travels in Prey Angkungh - in the village we stayed, so you can see Prey Angkungh through my eyes! :)

The last picture is of a village kid, which I call Loki, standing in the middle of the Cambodian rice fields of Prey Veng. I really love that kid as he's so cute and funny - and his innocence and happy expression made me feel comfortable, just like I was home! More pictures to come from my travels in Cambodia, showing Phnom Penh and other areas! Stay here with me on Tour and See the World!

Tour and see the world! 

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