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Tour and see the world! Singapore's Marina Bay Sands & Gardens by the Bay

Singapore is my beautiful home country, and recently I visited the awesome, beautiful, and exciting Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and Gardens by the Bay, so here are some beautiful pictures of Singapore's skyline from MBS, showcasing beautiful Singapore where the F1 Night Race will be held, and showcasing also Singapore's beautiful Gardens by the Bay. Hope you like the pictures of Singapore's skyline - might be worth a visit!

The above picture shows Gardens by the Bay, as well as the much smaller and also interesting Marina Barrage. Singapore is clean and green as the saying goes. You can see the tall super trees and the domes that make the view iconic. Singapore really has a lot of green spaces! :)

This is how the Central Business District of Singapore looks like at night. From the right to the left, you can see Fullerton Hotel, followed by the many business skyscrapers in the middle, and then on the left is the Sail (a beautiful and luxury Marina Bay condominium). This wonderful picture was taken from over 30 floors up high in MBS, from one of the windows overlooking Singapore city.

I don't swim, but at the top of MBS there is the Infiniti Pool where lots of people have fun lazing about and viewing Singapore from up high. The skyline is definitely worth the ticket price of getting a hotel room at MBS. Thanks for sharing the view with me, and thanks for reading! Perhaps in the next post, or subsequently, I will share more pictures of Gardens by the Bay or more beautiful pictures from Singapore. 

Thanks for reading and cheers! :)

Note: I realised that I had not been posting for a long time, so I decided to post up some pictures of places I visited recently. As my friends and family know, I have recently been to Vienna, Budapest, Krakow, and Berlin, as well as many staycations in my beautiful Singapore with my friends and family, such as Orchid Country Club in Yishun and most recently Marina Bay Sands (MBS). So techically I could have shared lots of pictures from diverse places on my travel blog. However, I realised that I hadn't even gotten round to showing the world about how beautiful Singapore can be - so here I am after some time to do so. Hopefully this will bring more tourists to Singapore to share the view with haha. Thank you for reading and cheers! :)

Tour and See the World! - Singapore, Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and Gardens by the Bay