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Tour and See the World: Japan, part 2 - Universal Studios (Osaka)

Tour and See the World: Japan, part 2 - Universal Studios (Osaka)

Yes, I visited and toured Universal Studios (Osaka) on the second day of my exciting and interesting Japan tour! As I promised, here on my travel blog are the pictures of my fun-filled and very interesting day in Osaka Universal Studios. One interesting thing is that, due to H1N1, and the fact that the Japanese mainly stayed indoors during the period that I was visiting, there was no queue at Universal Studios, even though normally theme park visitors might have to wait and queue for about 2 hours for a 5 min ride! (This same nominal rule also happens to apply to tourists visiting Disneysea and Disneyland theme parks in Tokyo.)

Without further ado *drum roll* ...

Here are the beautiful pictures from Universal Studios (Osaka) in Japan. I hope you enjoy my pictures!

Welcome to Universal Studios (Osaka)!

Thanks for reading my travel blog, and I promise more and better pictures of the various theme park attractions at Universal Studios, and much much more! Thanks and cheers; stay tuned!
Tour and see the world with me and Mavis

Tour and See the World: Japan, part 1

Tour and See the World: Japan, part 1

OK, this is just the beginning, so do please bear with me!

The Japan tour I will write about starts from Osaka and ends up in Tokyo, Japan. So the very first day, I only managed to get these photographs when I landed in Osaka, as it was dark at night, and we all know that tours count travelling as the first day. (Travel tour leaders and tour agencies need to feed families.)

First of all, from Singapore, we flew to Tokyo International Airport, also known as Haneda airport. Then, we took a domestic flight to Osaka. We stayed in the airport hotel, known as Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport. Apparently this hotel is very famous, and in any case, it was very comfortable and we enjoyed our stay there!

This is how Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport looks like.

Another view of the famous Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport.

This is how the airport terminal wing looks like. The Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport happens to be right opposite to the airport terminal.


I won't be posting for the next few days as I am checking exam results and then deciding to do an ISM or some other form of academic research. So I won't be writing till next week. But no worries - there will be more pictures of beautiful Japan in the next post, of course! In the next post, I visit Universal Studios Osaka. Special thanks to M L and special thanks to Miss D M who recommended that I visit Universal Studios in Japan. It was interesting experience of a lifetime!

Tour and see the world!

Tour and See the World: Pictures from Venice, Italy, part 4

Tour and See the World: Pictures from Venice, Italy, part 4

Hello to all my dear loyal readers! How have you guys been? Have all of you been fine and doing well so far? I am back from my holiday in Japan. I visited many places there, mainly Osaka, Nara, Yokohama and Tokyo (naturally), and of course Mount Fuji also. My trip was fantastic. I have lots to say about my holiday trip and will be soon posting up many many detailed pictures and detailed descriptions of my fun time enjoying my holiday in Japan! On this note, I must say that this holiday was not marred by H1N1 despite its outbreak in Japan. (And I was in Osaka, the main centre!)

Since I am going to spend the whole of the rest of the year writing and posting about Japan, since I have a mountain of pictures and digital photographs of everything from Mount Fuji to the little shop down the road, I will finish up this post with a last instalment of exciting pictures from Venice in Italy!

(Sorry to any Italian readers... I have more pictures of Japan than I have of Italy, so it makes more sense for me to write more about Japan, sorry!)

Do enjoy the following pictures and tour and see the world!
(Special thanks and special appreciation to Mavis Lim, for all her pictures, her help and much much more. Need more be said? :) )

Thanks for reading, and I do hope you enjoyed the segment on Venice in Italy. On a completely unrelated note, did you know that the Japanese have in Disneysea a replica of Venice in Italy, replete with gondolas? I will be going on to write and post beautiful pictures about Japan in my future posts. Some interesting readers and scouts have written nice things about my travel blog and have written that I specialise in Britain. Some went on to say that I specialise in Europe also, which up till now may have been true. After all, I've written about Manchester, London, York, Oxford, Cornwall, the Lake District in England, Liverpool and much more, and also about my grand Europe trip covering Paris in France, Zurich in Switzerland, Milan and Rome in Italy, Bratislava in Slovakia, Vienna in Austria, Munich and Berlin and Potsdam in Germany, and finally Stanstead Airport in London, and much more. Now, with the next post, here we visit Japan and truly make my travel site a trip around the world - tour and see the world with me and my friends! Thanks for reading and cheers.

Tour and See the World: Pictures from Venice, Italy, part 3

Tour and See the World: Pictures from Venice, Italy, part 3

I will be going off for my holiday in Japan (Osaka and Tokyo!) in a few days' time, and so here I am with more pictures of Venice in Italy.

Anyways, I just have to say this: I know this is the holiday period and so there are few of my erstwhile supporters reading this travel blog of mine and looking at the various travel and tour pictures, so I understand! I really do. Do please write to me and comment on my tagboard or here at this post on Venice when you guys come back from holiday, especially Zara, my blogosphere friend :)

Anyways, I can describe Venice as very beautiful and full of boats, water, waterways and gondolas... water, water, water, water! Well that's about it for my use of language describing Venice, although my history teachers and Michael Kelly from school will beg to differ (or be angry at the paucity of my language).

Well, pictures speak louder than words when it comes to my travel site, anyways. Do please enjoy the beautiful pictures that follow and I will see you when I come back from my tour of Japan, with more pictures of Italy and Japan in future!

Thanks for reading and cheers! More pictures of Venice in Italy to come in future posts, here on my travel site! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the pictures.
Tour and see the world

Tour and See the World: Pictures from Venice, Italy, part 2

Tour and See the World: Pictures from Venice, Italy, part 2

OK, since I haven't been posting a lot of beautiful pictures and haven't been writing a lot of materials for my travel site here, I am making it up by adding a lot of pictures today. Wow, here's the second set of beautiful pictures from Venice in Italy... the ones that I promised would be more beautiful than the more, or merely slightly more boring pictures in the earlier set.

Here goes, I'll let Italy do the talking for me as I am too lazy to write more about Venice! :) Heh heh heh... sorry!!

Tour and see Venice, Italy! Part 2

Sitting on a gondola in Venice in Italy is great because you can see all the great waterways in Venice... :)

That's it for this post now.
More to come in future posts, and you can see more of Venice, Italy. The gondola rides and all those waterways really make me feel that I miss Italy already, although I only visited Rome and Milan, and it was my other intreprid traveller friends who visited Venice.
Do stay tuned! Thanks for reading and all the best to you :) Cheers!
Tour and see the world!
PS One day, when I feel really hardworking and inspired to write, I shall write all about the travel experiences I had in Europe, especially in Italy. It is romantic, but then again, Italy is also quite ... different ... (dirty, smelly, yet sometimes clean, full of churches, yet full of vice, boring yet vibrant, full of history yet with some hint of modernity amidst backwardness, poor yet seemingly rich, divisions abound... ... ... ... it is hard to describe in one post so that shall be my future travel assignment for my travel blog, I guess).

Tour and See the World: Pictures from Venice, Italy

Tour and See the World: Pictures from Venice, Italy

First, my sincerest apologies to my faithful and good readers! Especially my Manchester friends, my travel friends, my best friend Mavis, and also Zara who writes and comments on my travel blog often. I have been doing so many exams that I have smoke coming out of my ears.... and now I finally have time to write on my travel site.

Also, one major update: I am going to Japan soon, from 19th to 25th, so don't miss me... if you even miss me at all! :) I will be visiting and travelling to Osaka and Tokyo, especially going for the sights and sounds of... Universal Studios in Osaka Japan and Disneyland in Tokyo Japan! I can't wait for my holiday. Quite naturally when I return from my holiday and my great tours, I shall write all about it and also post up the pictures. I don't have to work these holidays, so I have quite some time to blog and write, but then again, there's IPPT and that's going to take up some of my time. That means: I am back here to blog on my travel site! Thank goodness.

I also have been invited to write on travel site or something like that, and I am very flattered. I might do something about it because this means that my star is on the rise and I have the chance to rise up in the blogosphere pecking order ... or even challenge the bigwigs of travel writing! :)

Alright, now onto business. I mean, onto travel writing and photo posting. In the last post I wrote about Paris and Disneyland and you saw the most beautiful pictures of Paris Disneyland, one of my favourite travel destinations. Now, my intrepid traveller friends have gone to many places, and one of the places is...

Venice, Italy!

Here are beautiful pictures from Venice, Italy... a romantic and beautiful place, in its own way. But before the beautiful pictures, here are some pictures of Italy when you first see it... a little bit "boring" first.... .... :)

More pictures to come on Venice, Italy, in the next post on this travel site. These pictures don't look exciting at first, then they get better in the next post. More to come in the next post :) :)
It's great to be back in the travel blog writing circuit. Thanks for reading and cheers!
Tour and see the world with me