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Tour and See the World: Japan, part 11 - Mount Fuji

Tour and See the World: Japan, part 11 - Mount Fuji

Hello!!! And welcome!! I am back from my long hard semester doing six difficult modules, and I am back here to write on Mount Fuji. OK, since I'm lazy, I'm just going to post pictures and let them do the talking, since I can always write about my visit to Japan when I am feeling more hardworking. - I'm glad to be back - !

I don't think I've posted up my pictures on Mount Fuji yet, so here they are for you to enjoy! Thanks to my dear, dear readers who have commented and said nice and beautiful things about my travel site! I have "outsourced" some of my other websites as I'm busy with my Honours thesis and so I'll just focus on this one, and a couple more. I can't post pictures and write about beautiful places often, I'm sorry - but I'll do my best to upkeep. Anyways, without further ado: come with me as I tour and see the world :)

The tour buses and tour coaches in Japan, as well as in any large country, usually stop at rest points and rest stations, much like this one. Mavis and I stopped to rest at this place above.

This is the beautiful Mount Fuji in Japan, and isn't it picturesque and exquisitely beautiful? Sometimes people can't see Mount Fuji from the hotel because it's blocked by clouds and mist, but on this day I got lucky and Mount Fuji showed me her beautiful side.

This is the outside of the building from which I took the pictures of Mount Fuji..

And here's another Mount Fuji picture.

I love Mount Fuji; I hope you do too! Anyways, I will post more travel pictures and write more about my trip to Japan, as well as other places I've toured and visited, in future posts here on my site. Thanks for reading and special thanks to those who have nice comments, like Zara and the anonymous people who write nice things to me! Do pls leave your names and contacts, travel websites/ travelogues/ other travel writers' blogs and other info so that I can write back to you. Thank you very much and cheers!! :)

Tour and see the world - back!