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Pictures from Paris Disneyland, France - part 2

Pictures from Paris Disneyland, France - part 2

Tour and see the world - Paris Disneyland, France!

Well, here I am again! I have some time to write about Paris and Disneyland, and some time to post some really beautiful and interesting pictures about Paris in Europe, so here I am :) As I mentioned in my last post, I don't expect to win travel blog awards, so I don't post pictures and write stuff merely to participate in travel site competitions. I do post when I have time off my busy schedule.

Did I mention that after all my suffering, I will be going to Japan, to visit Tokyo? Haha yes, that will mean that I have another chance to write about Tokyo Disneyland later... in Japan! And Universal Studios, another great theme park, which is really exciting. Good stuff to look forward too - holidays, holidays, holidays! Holidays in Japan! Great stuff. Back to the topic...

Without further ado, here are more beautiful pictures from Paris Disneyland, France:

And I think this one is very cute: ciao, adios, later dudes!! :) :)

I hope you loved those. More to come, here on my travel site, where you can tour and see the world. Stay tuned! Thanks for readings and cheers.
Tour and see the world :)

Pictures from Paris Disneyland, France - part 1

Pictures from Paris Disneyland, France - part 1

Tour and see the world!

OK, initially I wanted to post on North Wales in the UK, and had in fact got the pictures and text ready, and everything was set to go up on my travel site, but... suddenly, I found the pictures were corrupted, and somehow I just couldn't upload any of them. Oh well. I was quite sad, but never mind. So, in the end, I decided to change track and put this series up first instead, while I resolve technical issues... here comes Paris Disneyland! :) (Now actually, this is probably more popular than writing on North Wales.)

I first went to Tokyo Disneyland in 2005, when I was still serving my National Service. Visiting Tokyo and visting Disneyland were the best things that happened to me in that year apart from getting an award for my National Day Parade 2005 contribution. I loved Disneyland very much, and in fact, am going to visit Japan again later this year - to try out Disneyland or Disneysea :)

Mavis and I also visited Paris Disneyland, and she later on also visited Disneyland with her parents as well. So as you can tell, we love Disneyland - and France's quite OKIE as well :)

Anyways, here are the beautiful pictures of Paris Disneyland right here for you - enjoy as you tour and see Disneyland in Paris, France!

More pictures to come on Paris Disneyland! When later this year, I revisit Japan and see Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo Disneysea, we will have more pictures to see of more Disneylands, and you can tour and see the world here with me :) Stay tuned, as there are more beautiful pictures to come here. Thanks for reading and cheers!
Tour and see the world