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Pictures from Cornwall and Charlestown, part 2

Pictures from Cornwall and Charlestown, part 2

So did you manage to guess what those domes were (the domes that Gladys visited while in Cornwall)? That's right - the Eden Project.

This entire post is devoted to the very interesting Eden Project! :) I have heard often that going to Cornwall, most people will visit the Eden Project because it is the largest and biggest tourist attraction there. Eco-loving people and environmentalists visit the Eden Project also, for obvious reasons other than us tourists. Here, I will share what the intrepid traveller Gladys shared with me on her travels and exciting time in Cornwall: information and interesting tourist facts and nuggets of information about the Eden Project!

First she saw this gigantic bee (don't worry, it's not real of course) at the Eden Project and that was a real sight to behold!

This is Gladys on the inside of the domes. The Eden Project is basically a gigantic greenhouse for both experimental and environmental education purposes. It simulates and showcases/ exhibits real ecosystems from all over the world and is very important for both educational and scientific research purposes.

More of the imposing domes from the outside... this is a common view, and you can get to see this on Wikipedia, thus visiting the Eden Project without even going and travelling to Cornwall in the UK! :)

Gladys taking a rest ... and taking a photo :)

A different angle of the eco domes and the greenhouses that make up the Eden Project...

There is also beautiful and amazing countryside all around, and a lot of greenery.

And I wanted to show some flowers, so here they are! Haha just as decoration to my travel blog, because some of my visitors love plants, greenery and flowers. OK, that's enough about the Eden Project - so do come and visit Cornwall and have a look at the eco projects and all these interesting and educational exhibits and more at the Eden Project! I personally think that this is one good, noble and worthwhile project, and it's a great tourist and educational attraction, so you may wish to visit the Eden Project.

In the next post, more to come on Cornwall and Charlestown.

Tour and see the world with me - and Gladys!

Pictures from Cornwall and Charlestown, part 1

Pictures from Cornwall and Charlestown, part 1

I've been to many parts of the UK and travelled mostly around England, as well as Europe of course, as you can see on my travel blog. Well, here are more pictures of the UK, and from Gladys Lee, my traveller friend. While I was out exploring Europe and out exploring Manchester, Gladys had been touring England and doing a lot of sightseeing and visiting all on her own. And in some cases, with her friends as well. Gladys went to Oxford with me, for instance. In this series here, I am going to write about what Gladys told me of Cornwall and Charlestown, two small and quaint places in England!

Cornwall is the most southernwestern county in England, that lies in the West, and is basically the part of England that sticks out on a map, if you ever should gaze on a map of England. Charlestown is just a port in Cornwall. These two places are quaint and interesting, and Gladys told me lots of stories about them.

This is a picture of Gladys and her friend Lydia, as after all, since Gladys was kind enough to contribute to my travel blog, I might as well put her picture and her friend too :P You know, in a sort of interesting way, I have travelled more extensively in Europe and Manchester, but Gladys has travelled less extensively in Europe and Manchester and very much more of England. So that makes me a kinda "Europe" person and Gladys a "UK" person... nah. She's more well travelled than me, hands down!

This is how the sea looks like from the train. It is interesting to see water, because we certainly do not get to see any of that in Manchester!

The countryside view...

Nothing to comment on this picture, but don't worry, the fun's just starting...

Now, what on earth is this place and what on earth are these funny things? I'll tell you in the next post on Cornwall and Charlestown! Stay tuned :D

(PS An aside: Bridge, my online blogger friend, would have written about visiting these domed places: if you can guess what place this is that I visited, write in to me "what place is this" and then you might win a prize :) Or at least she would have asked: "Comment and guess what this place is for!" But I have no prizes to give out and don't want to entertain wild guesses.... haha because I also didn't know what it was when Gladys showed it to me, and when she told me, the answer just came in a *snap* - so easy.)

Tour and see the world with Gladys and me

Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 7

Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 7

Life is complex, and art is complex too - so I've decided to put random pictures of Greater Manchester here in this interesting last post on Manchester in England. Yup, this is a complex and funny post.

I have been very fortunate and lucky to have the chance to visit and tour many interesting places around the world and I certainly loved Manchester (barring of course one racist incident and one small crime against me when I was there). A small point on crime against tourists when travelling: I do suppose that there is crime in every country, and in any case, when I was there in England a small little racist incident does not mean, and did not mean, that all Mancunians are racist; don't get me wrong! :)

Here are some pictures from Greater Manchester that made it to my travel blog, Tour and See the World: do please enjoy!

This is Salford Quay... quite beautiful and very Englandly, isn't it?

Marks and Spencer - of course :)

I used to go to Piccadilly Gardens often - to take the bus, to meet friends, to go to town, to travel to other places, and so much more... there are fond memories of this place.

The beautiful view of the inside of Trafford Centre - the biggest mall in the whole country, I think! I have visited many malls in my life, and this one is the size of many Singapore malls put together in one single place. It was great to be there, and there are so many things to do and see and one can, of course, shop there.

All in all, my Manchester experience was great! Do visit all my other posts on Greater Manchester here on my site, and the links here are for your own convenience:

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Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 6

Thanks for touring Manchester with me ... we shall tour other parts of England in my travel blog. Where will we go? The intrepid Gladys has the answer ;) Stay tuned!

Tour and see the world with me!

Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 6

Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 6

Tour and see the world with me! - Manchester City

Here are lots more pictures of Greater Manchester, and in particular, as promised, here are the pictures of Sports City and the Manchester City football stadium. I visited Old Trafford as you know, but I also visited the Man City football stadium to watch an Arsenal - Man City match, back in February, where Arsenal won (sigh). You may want to visit this place yourself when you travel here to Manchester in England, as Sports City and the Man City stadium are great places to visit. And maybe catch a game too!

This is the view of the surroundings, taken from a height from the Man City stadium. The surrounding environs look very Englandy, if there is such a word!

This is the stadium, and inside you can see that there are many football supporters even when the stadium is not completely full of spectators. I think if you visit England you may want to tour some stadia and also catch a good football game yourself. It's definitely worth the experience!

And of course, you get to see the starting line up and when they start running onto the field...

And then here comes the kick off! We came to the City stadium to watch the match and here it is... in action! It was very exciting!

And then of course, when the match was over, I took another picture of the outside of the stadium. This is how the place looks like from a distance. I had a great experience visiting this stadium and it was great to catch a match, although I don't recall having gone for the Man City stadium tour. Perhaps there is no stadium tour, unlike Old Trafford's stadium tour, or we simply had no time. For Man City fans worldwide, you might want to take a trip there, and see if there is a stadium tour and a museum tour as well! Hope you enjoyed my pictures and touring with me!

One last post on Greater Manchester to come here on my site. Cheers and thanks for staying with me :)

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Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 5

Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 5

Tour and see the world with me! - In this case, Tour Old Trafford!

Earlier in my travel blog posts, I showed pictures of Manchester United in action, as well as Manchester City. Here, in my series on Greater Manchester in the UK, I am going to show more pictures of Manchester United at Old Trafford - so come and share these interesting pictures and tour Old Trafford with me!

First up, this is my friend JS, who wanted to show that he was a die hard Manchester United fan, so when we went to the Theatre of Dreams in January to see Manchester United play football, he actually bought a scarf. We went back to visit Old Trafford many times during our course of stay in England - to visit the Megastore (Man U Megastore), to watch Champions League matches and much much more!

This is how the stadium looks like when you approach it from the bus stop. First, we visited Old Trafford by taking the Bus 25o from the Manchester City Centre, from Piccadilly. This is the majestic sight that greets you when you arrive at the Manchester United stadium.

This is the sight that you can see inside the stadium - the grand stand where all the people come to support the world's greatest and most money spinning football club. I love Manchester United! :)

We also visited the changing room while we were there. There are many places to visit and many things to see when at Manchester United, so do visit the stadium and do go for the Old Trafford stadium tour, where you can get to tour the entire stadium and see all the various parts of the stadium and see the changing room and much much more! Did I mention that there is a Manchester United museum as well? My friends went on the stadium tour more than once because it was simply great!

This is what you can see above the Megastore - so do visit this one if you are interested in shopping and buying stuff. I visited this place quite often! :)

And of course, who can forget this very important picture - Manchester would not be complete without... MANCHESTER UNITED TROPHIES! Yep, I am biased. Do visit Old Trafford and do go for the stadium tour! I was there in January 2008 and I loved it ... and so will you, unless you're a Chelsea or Liverpool fan :P

For Manchester City fans, have no worries, in the next post, here on my travel blog, I will write about Manchester City! Do note that all pictures, all ideas and thoughts are from a foreigner's perspective visiting Manchester and are not indicative of what everybody thinks, cheers!

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Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 4

Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 4

This section of my travel blog may not interest people much, but it interests me, so here it is - pictures of my hostel and the place that I stayed while here in Manchester in the UK! I have mixed feelings about the place, because while I was here in England, I experienced good times as well as bad times, and this was where something very emotional and tragic happened to me when I was studying in the University of Manchester. On a happier note, most people who visit Manchester will not have the chance to visit these places, so haha - perhaps you could consider yourself privileged to see Pankhurst Court and Dalton Ellis halls in Manchester! :)

This is the facade of Pankhurst Court II, the place where I stayed while in England. The room was quite small sized, but I had an attached bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink, so it was actually a very nice place to stay. I didn't have many visitors while I was staying there because I spent most of my time, when I rushed back, talking to my ex-girlfriend in Singapore.

This is the larger picture of Pankhurst Court and its surrounding environs, and it is quite beautiful. I stayed in quite nice surroundings, although I must say that Manchester is not always that safe, especially at nights, so travelling should be done in the day or before 8PM.

Next to Pankhurst Court is Dalton Ellis hall, and here is one wing of the place, where my Da Ge used to stay. I would wait for him downstairs so that we could go to family gatherings together, and it was great fun. We loved to have meals in the common room where we could talk nonsense and enjoy our company.

This is another view of Dalton Ellis hall.

Well, that's about it for the place I stayed in Manchester - Pankhurst Court. Pankhurst was also part of Dalton Ellis hall and shared common facilities and areas.

In the next post, I shall be visiting everybody's favourite stadium - Manchester United at Old Trafford, and in subsequent posts, Manchester City stadium at Old Trafford! Stay tuned to my travel blog :)

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