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Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 1

Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 1

Tour and see the world with me, and in this post, with my friends and people I've met!! :)

After my Europe tour, I spent most of my time touring and visiting various places in Manchester instead, so here is the series of my Manchester experiences. I am going to write about Old Trafford, Manchester United, and also other interesting places. That's why this series is called Greater Manchester. Later, I am also going to feature other places in the UK that Gladys visited, such as Cambridge, Cornwall and much more - yes, I told you before that my friend is an avid traveller and loves to travel and tour, especially since we were on exchange here in the University of Manchester and did not have to study so hard :) However, before I begin with my final instalment of my Manchester pictures and my Manchester experiences, I would like to share the interesting people I met during my tours and travels, and also during the course of my stay and study here in Manchester. Here are some of the many and varied interesting people I've met while at Manchester.

This is pretty and interesting Gladys Lee, who has lent me many pictures for my travel site and also been very instrumental in the creation of my travel blog, as she knows a lot of computer skills as well as a lot about photo taking, travelling, and the like. As I've said, my friend is an avid traveller and has visited many places both within and outside the UK, which I will be featuring in my blog, in later posts, so stay tuned! :)

The pretty lady holding the L'equippe is my French teacher, Daphne, from Canada. She lived in France and was born in Canada, where they too speak French, and she has an excellent command of French. She taught me French while I was at Manchester during my exchange programme, and the sad thing is that I didn't learn much formally in school and had to depend almost entirely on her skill and expertise. Thanks Daphne! My travels and visits to places in France was kind of assisted by her :) And I love chateaux and voitures!

This above isn't really someone I met, but when I was touring the museum, in particular the Urbis exhibition, I saw this very interesting posture and just had to take this picture down. Well, we don't get this very often, visiting museums here in my country :)

This is my Economic History professor, Dr Joseph Harrison, whom I met while studying here at Manchester. I like him very much and we could talk about everything, not just about work and studies, but also about travelling, visiting Germany and visiting Spain. He speaks Spanish and is an expert in Spanish history, language and culture.

Tour and see the world with me!
And in this post, tour and see the world with me and my friends and people I've met! :)


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