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Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 5

Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 5

Tour and see the world with me! - In this case, Tour Old Trafford!

Earlier in my travel blog posts, I showed pictures of Manchester United in action, as well as Manchester City. Here, in my series on Greater Manchester in the UK, I am going to show more pictures of Manchester United at Old Trafford - so come and share these interesting pictures and tour Old Trafford with me!

First up, this is my friend JS, who wanted to show that he was a die hard Manchester United fan, so when we went to the Theatre of Dreams in January to see Manchester United play football, he actually bought a scarf. We went back to visit Old Trafford many times during our course of stay in England - to visit the Megastore (Man U Megastore), to watch Champions League matches and much much more!

This is how the stadium looks like when you approach it from the bus stop. First, we visited Old Trafford by taking the Bus 25o from the Manchester City Centre, from Piccadilly. This is the majestic sight that greets you when you arrive at the Manchester United stadium.

This is the sight that you can see inside the stadium - the grand stand where all the people come to support the world's greatest and most money spinning football club. I love Manchester United! :)

We also visited the changing room while we were there. There are many places to visit and many things to see when at Manchester United, so do visit the stadium and do go for the Old Trafford stadium tour, where you can get to tour the entire stadium and see all the various parts of the stadium and see the changing room and much much more! Did I mention that there is a Manchester United museum as well? My friends went on the stadium tour more than once because it was simply great!

This is what you can see above the Megastore - so do visit this one if you are interested in shopping and buying stuff. I visited this place quite often! :)

And of course, who can forget this very important picture - Manchester would not be complete without... MANCHESTER UNITED TROPHIES! Yep, I am biased. Do visit Old Trafford and do go for the stadium tour! I was there in January 2008 and I loved it ... and so will you, unless you're a Chelsea or Liverpool fan :P

For Manchester City fans, have no worries, in the next post, here on my travel blog, I will write about Manchester City! Do note that all pictures, all ideas and thoughts are from a foreigner's perspective visiting Manchester and are not indicative of what everybody thinks, cheers!

Tour and see the world with me!


eunice said...

I have been wondering whether you went to the Old Trafford! Now the Singapore MAN U fans gonna love you!!! XD

So you watch the match? I heard that it's not easy to get the tickets as they are seasonal tickets and already fully booked by their fans club. Is it true? World famous soccer club.. nothing is impossible...

When we were in Munich on the first day, we were overwhelmed by the Bayern Munich fans celebrating for the club that won the German Champion League that day.

Shawn Seah said...

Yep it is very difficult to get tickets! My ex-girlfriend managed to get me a ticket as a surprise present, and then subsequently my friends and I bought tickets from touts, haha :P We hadn't a choice u see :)

But it was great!! :) Loved it.

Shawn Seah said...

I think everyone who goes to Manchester should at least watch one Man Utd match at Old Trafford... will be great! and it's so lovely here!

Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Shawn, you've got too many comments on yourself here... hehe! BTW, you seem to be crzy about football, just like all the Americans here.

That Manchester United Scarf sure is a big one. When are you coming back to Manchester?

Shawn Seah said...

I will be studying in Singapore :) Hmmm I might be going back to the UK in the near future if my brother gets to study there! :)

terrytsang said...

wow.. cheers for Manchester United in the new season opening :)

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