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Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 4

Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 4

This section of my travel blog may not interest people much, but it interests me, so here it is - pictures of my hostel and the place that I stayed while here in Manchester in the UK! I have mixed feelings about the place, because while I was here in England, I experienced good times as well as bad times, and this was where something very emotional and tragic happened to me when I was studying in the University of Manchester. On a happier note, most people who visit Manchester will not have the chance to visit these places, so haha - perhaps you could consider yourself privileged to see Pankhurst Court and Dalton Ellis halls in Manchester! :)

This is the facade of Pankhurst Court II, the place where I stayed while in England. The room was quite small sized, but I had an attached bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink, so it was actually a very nice place to stay. I didn't have many visitors while I was staying there because I spent most of my time, when I rushed back, talking to my ex-girlfriend in Singapore.

This is the larger picture of Pankhurst Court and its surrounding environs, and it is quite beautiful. I stayed in quite nice surroundings, although I must say that Manchester is not always that safe, especially at nights, so travelling should be done in the day or before 8PM.

Next to Pankhurst Court is Dalton Ellis hall, and here is one wing of the place, where my Da Ge used to stay. I would wait for him downstairs so that we could go to family gatherings together, and it was great fun. We loved to have meals in the common room where we could talk nonsense and enjoy our company.

This is another view of Dalton Ellis hall.

Well, that's about it for the place I stayed in Manchester - Pankhurst Court. Pankhurst was also part of Dalton Ellis hall and shared common facilities and areas.

In the next post, I shall be visiting everybody's favourite stadium - Manchester United at Old Trafford, and in subsequent posts, Manchester City stadium at Old Trafford! Stay tuned to my travel blog :)

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