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Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 6

Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 6

Tour and see the world with me! - Manchester City

Here are lots more pictures of Greater Manchester, and in particular, as promised, here are the pictures of Sports City and the Manchester City football stadium. I visited Old Trafford as you know, but I also visited the Man City football stadium to watch an Arsenal - Man City match, back in February, where Arsenal won (sigh). You may want to visit this place yourself when you travel here to Manchester in England, as Sports City and the Man City stadium are great places to visit. And maybe catch a game too!

This is the view of the surroundings, taken from a height from the Man City stadium. The surrounding environs look very Englandy, if there is such a word!

This is the stadium, and inside you can see that there are many football supporters even when the stadium is not completely full of spectators. I think if you visit England you may want to tour some stadia and also catch a good football game yourself. It's definitely worth the experience!

And of course, you get to see the starting line up and when they start running onto the field...

And then here comes the kick off! We came to the City stadium to watch the match and here it is... in action! It was very exciting!

And then of course, when the match was over, I took another picture of the outside of the stadium. This is how the place looks like from a distance. I had a great experience visiting this stadium and it was great to catch a match, although I don't recall having gone for the Man City stadium tour. Perhaps there is no stadium tour, unlike Old Trafford's stadium tour, or we simply had no time. For Man City fans worldwide, you might want to take a trip there, and see if there is a stadium tour and a museum tour as well! Hope you enjoyed my pictures and touring with me!

One last post on Greater Manchester to come here on my site. Cheers and thanks for staying with me :)

Tour and see the world with me!

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