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Pictures from Cornwall and Charlestown, part 2

Pictures from Cornwall and Charlestown, part 2

So did you manage to guess what those domes were (the domes that Gladys visited while in Cornwall)? That's right - the Eden Project.

This entire post is devoted to the very interesting Eden Project! :) I have heard often that going to Cornwall, most people will visit the Eden Project because it is the largest and biggest tourist attraction there. Eco-loving people and environmentalists visit the Eden Project also, for obvious reasons other than us tourists. Here, I will share what the intrepid traveller Gladys shared with me on her travels and exciting time in Cornwall: information and interesting tourist facts and nuggets of information about the Eden Project!

First she saw this gigantic bee (don't worry, it's not real of course) at the Eden Project and that was a real sight to behold!

This is Gladys on the inside of the domes. The Eden Project is basically a gigantic greenhouse for both experimental and environmental education purposes. It simulates and showcases/ exhibits real ecosystems from all over the world and is very important for both educational and scientific research purposes.

More of the imposing domes from the outside... this is a common view, and you can get to see this on Wikipedia, thus visiting the Eden Project without even going and travelling to Cornwall in the UK! :)

Gladys taking a rest ... and taking a photo :)

A different angle of the eco domes and the greenhouses that make up the Eden Project...

There is also beautiful and amazing countryside all around, and a lot of greenery.

And I wanted to show some flowers, so here they are! Haha just as decoration to my travel blog, because some of my visitors love plants, greenery and flowers. OK, that's enough about the Eden Project - so do come and visit Cornwall and have a look at the eco projects and all these interesting and educational exhibits and more at the Eden Project! I personally think that this is one good, noble and worthwhile project, and it's a great tourist and educational attraction, so you may wish to visit the Eden Project.

In the next post, more to come on Cornwall and Charlestown.

Tour and see the world with me - and Gladys!


TNH said...

wow...this really a beautiful place..nice view and nice gigantic bee..

TNH said...

wow...this really a beautiful place..nice view and nice gigantic bee..

ZARA said...

I read this and told myself, when I can be there? Gee!
Miss u Shawn!