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Pictures from Cornwall and Charlestown, part 1

Pictures from Cornwall and Charlestown, part 1

I've been to many parts of the UK and travelled mostly around England, as well as Europe of course, as you can see on my travel blog. Well, here are more pictures of the UK, and from Gladys Lee, my traveller friend. While I was out exploring Europe and out exploring Manchester, Gladys had been touring England and doing a lot of sightseeing and visiting all on her own. And in some cases, with her friends as well. Gladys went to Oxford with me, for instance. In this series here, I am going to write about what Gladys told me of Cornwall and Charlestown, two small and quaint places in England!

Cornwall is the most southernwestern county in England, that lies in the West, and is basically the part of England that sticks out on a map, if you ever should gaze on a map of England. Charlestown is just a port in Cornwall. These two places are quaint and interesting, and Gladys told me lots of stories about them.

This is a picture of Gladys and her friend Lydia, as after all, since Gladys was kind enough to contribute to my travel blog, I might as well put her picture and her friend too :P You know, in a sort of interesting way, I have travelled more extensively in Europe and Manchester, but Gladys has travelled less extensively in Europe and Manchester and very much more of England. So that makes me a kinda "Europe" person and Gladys a "UK" person... nah. She's more well travelled than me, hands down!

This is how the sea looks like from the train. It is interesting to see water, because we certainly do not get to see any of that in Manchester!

The countryside view...

Nothing to comment on this picture, but don't worry, the fun's just starting...

Now, what on earth is this place and what on earth are these funny things? I'll tell you in the next post on Cornwall and Charlestown! Stay tuned :D

(PS An aside: Bridge, my online blogger friend, would have written about visiting these domed places: if you can guess what place this is that I visited, write in to me "what place is this" and then you might win a prize :) Or at least she would have asked: "Comment and guess what this place is for!" But I have no prizes to give out and don't want to entertain wild guesses.... haha because I also didn't know what it was when Gladys showed it to me, and when she told me, the answer just came in a *snap* - so easy.)

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