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Tour and See the World: Japan, part 9 - Yamashiroya, the best toy shop in Ueno, Tokyo

Tour and See the World: Japan, part 9 - Yamashiroya, the best toy shop in Ueno, Tokyo

Welcome to Yamashiroya toy shop!!

Mavis and I visited Tokyo, Japan, and we had a look at the biggest and most interesting toy store in the entire country - Yamashiroya, the coolest toy shop in Ueno, Tokyo, in Japan! Apparently boasting of 7 levels of various kinds of toys, this is one of the best toy shops in Japan, if not the best. The interesting and cool pictures that I got of the toy shop might interest you, even if you're not an avid collector!

Gundam is a product of Japan - see them all here at Yamashiroya, Ueno!

Remember these cute guys? Pokemon, Digimon and whatnot... see them all here at Yamashiroya, Ueno!

Since we are in Japan, I also shot this interesting Japanese model... model toys and making models and replica toys are important in Japanese urban culture for teens, I guess! Guess what I am going to say next?... You got it right: see them all here at Yamashiroya, Ueno!

The vast array of merchandise and toys from all over the world and from Japan is bewildering.... see them all here at Yamashiroya, Ueno! Here, Mavis looks up at the vast quantities of toys.

And this last picture is the most important: that's how Yamashiroya, Ueno looks like! Be sure to visit this place as it's worth having a look at the many toys and diverse Japanese toy products inside. You might want to come here because it's a great place to be, full of youths and urban culture. This place made me feel at least 5 years younger! Haha :) Next theme coming right up here on my travel site, so please stay tuned. Thanks for reading and cheers!
PS I have a few simple and personal things to comment on - first, special thanks to my friend Zara who comments on my travel site whenever I post new travel pictures and new materials, thank you very much! Second, in my personal blog, I've become very famous - for better or for worse, I don't really know - but it's good to know that over here my beautiful pictures of various interesting places invites the right travel crowds! :) Third, actually based on the logic of economics, I should focus more time and effort into my finance and other more important sites because they generate more income for me, but what can I say - I love this travel site the most and I've the most feelings for it, so here I am again. Tour and see the world is my favourite site and I like writing on it the most, even at the cost of earning less money from my other sites.
Tour and see the world! Ueno, Tokyo, Japan

Tour and See the World: Japan, part 8 - the Kimono Show

Tour and See the World: Japan, part 8 - the Kimono Show

We went to see a kimono show while visiting Japan - and surely everyone knows that kimonos are a very important and integral part of Japanese culture. Most tourists should know that. Besides, it was a good chance to look at yet more pretty and beautiful Japanese ladies... Kidding! Of course. We visited the kimono show because it was part of the tour package, and some planner out there felt that visiting such a cultural show was good for our edification :) Let's see the kimonos on the various models below!

I wanted to make the above picture the last picture at the bottom of this post, but due to the fact that I am a luddite at the computer, it ended up in front. Anyways, you can see the beautiful and intricate designs and patterns on the kimonos at this interesting kimono show in Tokyo, Japan!

I personally feel that this is the most beautiful girl that I've seen on my tour in Japan, and certainly her kimono is one of the more interesting and bright ones, quite unlike some of the other more sombre and more traditional kimonos.

To save time or to provide some comparison, these two beauties came up at the same time, sashaying down the catwalk. PREDICTION: I am guessing that my travel site's search rankings just moved up the scale a lot - because many people who rarely visited me in the past will be visiting me very often to have a look at the girls of the kimono show and the girls I saw while touring Japan!

The kimono suppliers knew that I thought this girl was the prettiest, so they sent her out again, and here's another picture of her in a different kimono. More themes from Japan to come on my travel site - I've arranged some photos of vending machines (not because I am vending machine person or something, but because those machines represent Japan, I can tell you!), the biggest toy shop in Japan (apparently!), Mount Fuji (of course, because everyone knows that Mount Fuji "IS" Japan), and other interesting places I've visited and toured. Thanks for reading, stay with me, and cheers!

Tour and see the world! - Tokyo kimono show, beautiful Japan

Tour and See the World: Japan, part 7 - Japanese girls!

Tour and See the World: Japan, part 7 - Japanese girls!

Anyone who travels to Japan or visits Japan will know that Japanese girls are among the cutest/ prettiest/ best looking in the entire world. Well, my travel posts are divided and separated into various themes, and today's travel theme on my Japan trip is : good looking Japanese girls - and where Mavis and I saw them in Japan! In fact, one of the next few posts on my travel site will deal with Japanese vending machines... because there are many vending machines in Japan! Haha :)

Japanese like to visit theme parks, such as Disneyland and Disneysea. In this case, even when it rains, they put on their rain coats and go all out to play and visit theme parks!

Apparently Japanese girls have the most interesting fashions/ fashion-sense in the world! Mavis and I were at MacDonald's (OK, the reason why we were eating there is that the MacPork burger is very cheap in Japan and money is one heck of a scarce commodity in Japan) when we saw these two beautiful Japanese girls in the most intricate, daedal dressing. I asked them for permission and we managed to get this beautiful picture for my travel blog! Personally I think Singaporean girls will not dress like this, and then even if they did, they wouldn't let others take photos of them. Arigato to the two beautiful girls :)

This is a serendipitious and surreptitious shot we took of a nice Japanese girl at an ice cream shop. Sorry, pretty Japanese girl! But we were pretty sure we wouldn't see you again on our travels and didn't want to miss this. Anyways this was a famous ice cream shop. There are many different types of flavours that you can try at Japanese ice cream shops, from wasabi to green tea and whatnot! This picture was taken secretly when we were at Shinsaibashi, Tokyo.

Gothic looks and Goth are in too... and this picture was taken at Disneysea theme park. These two girls were - mind you - standing in the rain taking pictures of themselves! We meet all sorts when travelling...

Even the Japanese teenage girls are pretty... and this was taken while touring the streets of Tokyo. Japanese girls are really cute and pretty!

When visiting Japan, one should go and watch the kimono show - and these are the ladies we saw at the Japan kimono show while visiting Japan! Let's visit the kimono show in Japan, in the next set of travel pictures...

Tour and see the world! - next up, the Kimono show in Japan