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Pictures from Stratford-upon-Avon, part 1

Pictures from Stratford-upon-Avon, part 1

I managed to find some time from my busy work schedule - studying, exams, studying again - to blog, so here I am once again! First and foremost apologies to my loyal readers and also thanks to Zara, who has awarded me another blog award for my site! Thank you and when I have time I shall definitely receive the award so that I can put it up on my site, so thanks Zara! Also, a hearty thanks to all my readers and visitors to my travel site.

Tour and see the world! :) With Mavis

These here are some general pictures from Stratford-upon-Avon, which is very famous for being the birthplace of William Shakespeare, one of the greatest playwrights who ever lived. I myself am a fan of Shakespeare but the problem is that my friend Mavis who visited Stratford-upon-Avon isn't, so she kind of missed out on the importance or significance of visiting Stratford-upon-Avon, but that's alright. So we'll do what we can - since she visited Stratford-upon-Avon as well as Birmingham and other places in England, she got the pictures a bit mixed up, so let's see if I sorted them out properly! :) :)

Alright, here's my attempt on pictures from Stratford-upon-Avon, the famous place where Shakespeare was born and a tourist attraction to millions from around the world!

I found this picture nice, so I put it in - but I am sorry that I don't know much about it except that it's somehow related to Shakespeare!

Stratford-upon-Avon looks something like this, but more to come on Stratford-upon-Avon...

Tada - now that's more like it. The reason why most visit Stratford-upon-Avon. Here's Shakespeare's house in Stratford-upon-Avon in England, and I promise more pictures in the next post here on my site! :)

Strictly speaking, isn't the Minories Shopping Mall in Birmingham? So how did this get here? I am confusing myself... hoho. But Mavis told me she took this in Stratford-upon-Avon, so I'm including this picture here as well.

This is the famous clock tower on the left, and many people love to take pictures of this here at Stratford-upon-Avon. Also, this picture is how Stratford-upon-Avon looks like - a more representative picture for you to visualise visiting this very nice and lovely place!

OK, now I have to rush back to work... so more interesting pictures to come here on my travel site! Stay tuned, thanks and cheers :)

Tour and see the world - with Mavis!

Pictures from Liverpool, part 3 - Tate Liverpool Museum and Albert Dock

Pictures from Liverpool, part 3 - Tate Liverpool Museum and Albert Dock

Tour and see the world with Mavis!

I have been really busy and have had little time to post many pictures of many interesting and beautiful places all over England and the world. But now I have some time, so here I am to add to my travel blog and try to make myself famous enough to win more visitors :) Heh...

There are many attractions and interesting sights and sounds in Liverpool, but one place that many people like to see would be the Albert Dock. In addition, there is the famous Tate Liverpool museum located at Albert Dock in Liverpool, England. Here are some pictures so you can see these places and see how they look like! :)

Albert Dock is basically a dock - a complex of buildings and warehouses along the river in Liverpool, and Tate museum is a famous museum.

Tate Liverpool...

Some of the complex of buildings seen from the dock...

How the dock looks like...

More various complexes of different buildings and warehouses along the dock here in Liverpool...

And that's about it! I am told that many people visit Albert Dock, although I am quite curious as to the attraction value, since I am Singaporean and we have lots of water around us. Singaporeans like myself don't seem to have an interest looking at docks, or maybe it could just be me... :P Nonetheless, this might be worth a visit and a nice long walk and a nice long look because many people do visit Tate Liverpool museum and Albert Dock. Do have a look when you are there :)

More pictures to come in future posts on other places in England that my friend Mavis visited! Stay tuned to see interesting places and interesting pictures on my travel site and cheers! :)

Tour and see the world with Mavis and me

Pictures from Liverpool, part 2

Pictures from Liverpool, part 2

Thanks to all my readers for giving me blog awards and support for my travel site! Here I am again with my second post on Liverpool in England! Come and tour Liverpool through the eyes of Mavis, my traveller friend!

When you tour and see Liverpool which would be the major sites and most important places that you would visit? Let me suggest some places in Liverpool that you should see when you are there :)

Presenting in this post: The sights and sounds of Liverpool!

See this great big sign? Liverpool was designated as European capital of culture 2008 :) It has galleries, museums, bars and everything else that a great capital of culture should and must have!
There are many things to see and do there in Liverpool in England, naturally!

The Liverpool city centre - where everybody will go to have a walkabout! And do some shopping here as well...

Liverpool's football team is rather famous in Europe but not so good nowadays in the Premier League, so why not pay a visit to their Liverpool FC Club Store? Haha oh well. I am a Man Utd fan so you can see that there are many more pictures of Manchester and Man Utd here on my travel site, and only the Liverpool FC store. Hahaha! :) Okie, I am sorry - I'm so biased.

I thought that this in Liverpool was nice and artistic, so I put this picture in...

We are obviously in China - no - it's still Liverpool. Speaking of which, there are Chinatowns all over the world! It's quite amazing to see that it's possible to eat Chinese food here in Liverpool in England, and I must admit that I had a lot of Chinese food while in Manchester. Come on, every day - burgers? Eating burgers daily is not good for health you see, so Chinese food is quite good.

Liverpool is also famous for the Beatles and Lennon :)

I am really sorry that I don't have many more pictures of Liverpool, the Beatles and the rest of the city with all its myriad attractions, but oh well, tried my best :)

Do stay with me here on this travel site, where there will be more beautiful pictures of England and other various places of interest. Stay tuned, thank you very much!

Tour and see the world with Mavis - she visited Liverpool!

Tour and See the World has accepted another blog award!

Tour and See the World has accepted another blog award!

Tour and See the World has accepted another blog award!

Thanks to Zara from Journey that never ends :)

Sorry to interrupt my loyal readers who are currently following the series on my travel site about Liverpool - but I have another announcement to make! I have been kindly given another award from a kind hearted fellow writer, Zara, who writes her site "Journey that Never Ends". Thank you very much!

Tour and see the world has currently two blog awards given by and nominated by very kind and charitable blogger friends; I would like to thank Zara, my friend, once again for this kind, nice award.

In the next post I will resume my Pictures from Liverpool, part 2, and continue the series on my travel site on England and UK in general.

Stay tuned for more interesting posts and tour the world with me as I show you places that my friends and I have been to! Travel with us from the comfort of your desk/ home/ laptop and come and see the world. Cheers!

Tour and see the world with me and my friends!

Pictures from Liverpool, part 1

Pictures from Liverpool, part 1

Tour and see the world with my friend Mavis!

As I was looking back on all the pictures and posts and articles here on my travel site, I was thinking about the times I spent in England and all my travels in Europe. At the same time, I realised that I have come a long way from being a totally new blogger to someone who is more established. I have several loyal readers and I have visitors from all over the world coming to see my travel site and reading my articles, and even got nominated for a blog award! Also, I saw how I took in good suggestions from my readers (I used to have small location pictures/ I used to put all the words together, and all the travel pictures together/ and I don't know what other mistakes I also used to do when I first started blogging about travelling), but let's just say things weren't glam then, haha! Now my site is much much better and things are looking good, although I don't have as much time to blog about stuff now that I am studying in Singapore.

In any case, this series of travels will be on Liverpool, with my friend Mavis! She visited and toured many places: Liverpool, Leicester, Birmingham, Shakespeare's home (we all know where that is in England, don't we?), North Wales and Venice, while she was in England with me studying on exchange. More interesting pictures and great articles on these other places in England and Venice in Italy to come in future posts, so do stay tuned for a great extended series of pictures! This particular series here is about Liverpool. Today's travel post is about general pictures in Liverpool, because if you are Liverpool FC fan, wouldn't you like to know how the place looks like, if you haven't visited it already? :)

Come and tour Liverpool with Mavis and friends!

The Liverpool town centre/ city centre looks like this, and it's remarkably similar to Manchester city centre in my opinion ... and England, while beautiful overall, can be quite dreary in winter and when there is rain.

This is a closer up shot of the place!

Well, everybody pays a visit to the Liverpool FC club store, right? :)

This is my friend Mavis and she's standing here right in front of the Liverpool FC club store - and it's freezing! No wonder in England they always say the phrase "as changeable as the weather", because it can be nice and lovely one moment and the next, you're almost frozen to death in England! OK, I am exaggerating, but it's quite like that.

Stay tuned for more beautiful and interesting pictures from Liverpool in England!

In future posts here on my travel site, we will be visiting and travelling to Leicester, Leicester university, Birmingham, North Wales, and even visiting Shakespeare's home! More to come, so do stay with me. Thanks for reading and cheers!

Tour and see the world!

Pictures from Cambridge, England - part 3

Pictures from Cambridge, England - part 3

Tour and see the world with Gladys !! - last part on Cambridge :)

I have been awarded for my beautiful blogs and my friends have been praising me on my blogs, so thank you very much for reading and supporting me all this while! I try my best :) I have a nice travel blog here and my visitors are increasing day by day, so that's great - and soon I will have no time to reply to all my nice comments on my tagboard from all around the world. Hoho.

As you know this is a series on Cambridge in England, and here, as promised: the sights and sounds of Cambridge in England! I hope you enjoy the beautiful pictures, and here goes:

You didn't expect to see this here in Cambridge in England right? Neither did I nor Gladys my intrepid traveller friend.

We call this a pasar malam in Singapore... so this concept is global :)

I thought this one was artistic, so I put it in... :)

And punting down the river and enjoying the sights and sounds of Cambridge in England is a must... did I mention I went punting when I was in Oxford in England? :) It was a very interesting thing to do there and I loved it very much.

And to cap it off: Cambridge in England! Well, that's how it looks :)

Wow, I've done so many posts about England. Well, it was a great time for me on student exchange there, so I was and am quite in love with beautiful England, although some might disagree. Anyways, bye for now, I'll be back soon to blog about the world :) Cheers!

Tour and see the world with me and Gladys