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Pictures from Cambridge, England - part 3

Pictures from Cambridge, England - part 3

Tour and see the world with Gladys !! - last part on Cambridge :)

I have been awarded for my beautiful blogs and my friends have been praising me on my blogs, so thank you very much for reading and supporting me all this while! I try my best :) I have a nice travel blog here and my visitors are increasing day by day, so that's great - and soon I will have no time to reply to all my nice comments on my tagboard from all around the world. Hoho.

As you know this is a series on Cambridge in England, and here, as promised: the sights and sounds of Cambridge in England! I hope you enjoy the beautiful pictures, and here goes:

You didn't expect to see this here in Cambridge in England right? Neither did I nor Gladys my intrepid traveller friend.

We call this a pasar malam in Singapore... so this concept is global :)

I thought this one was artistic, so I put it in... :)

And punting down the river and enjoying the sights and sounds of Cambridge in England is a must... did I mention I went punting when I was in Oxford in England? :) It was a very interesting thing to do there and I loved it very much.

And to cap it off: Cambridge in England! Well, that's how it looks :)

Wow, I've done so many posts about England. Well, it was a great time for me on student exchange there, so I was and am quite in love with beautiful England, although some might disagree. Anyways, bye for now, I'll be back soon to blog about the world :) Cheers!

Tour and see the world with me and Gladys

1 comment:

ZARA said...

Hi Shawn!

Owh, that's how Cambridge looks like...

U know what?

By looking at those photos in your blog, its like I also travel there...
Hahaha.... of my dream place, I bet u know why....^0^