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Pictures from Liverpool, part 1

Pictures from Liverpool, part 1

Tour and see the world with my friend Mavis!

As I was looking back on all the pictures and posts and articles here on my travel site, I was thinking about the times I spent in England and all my travels in Europe. At the same time, I realised that I have come a long way from being a totally new blogger to someone who is more established. I have several loyal readers and I have visitors from all over the world coming to see my travel site and reading my articles, and even got nominated for a blog award! Also, I saw how I took in good suggestions from my readers (I used to have small location pictures/ I used to put all the words together, and all the travel pictures together/ and I don't know what other mistakes I also used to do when I first started blogging about travelling), but let's just say things weren't glam then, haha! Now my site is much much better and things are looking good, although I don't have as much time to blog about stuff now that I am studying in Singapore.

In any case, this series of travels will be on Liverpool, with my friend Mavis! She visited and toured many places: Liverpool, Leicester, Birmingham, Shakespeare's home (we all know where that is in England, don't we?), North Wales and Venice, while she was in England with me studying on exchange. More interesting pictures and great articles on these other places in England and Venice in Italy to come in future posts, so do stay tuned for a great extended series of pictures! This particular series here is about Liverpool. Today's travel post is about general pictures in Liverpool, because if you are Liverpool FC fan, wouldn't you like to know how the place looks like, if you haven't visited it already? :)

Come and tour Liverpool with Mavis and friends!

The Liverpool town centre/ city centre looks like this, and it's remarkably similar to Manchester city centre in my opinion ... and England, while beautiful overall, can be quite dreary in winter and when there is rain.

This is a closer up shot of the place!

Well, everybody pays a visit to the Liverpool FC club store, right? :)

This is my friend Mavis and she's standing here right in front of the Liverpool FC club store - and it's freezing! No wonder in England they always say the phrase "as changeable as the weather", because it can be nice and lovely one moment and the next, you're almost frozen to death in England! OK, I am exaggerating, but it's quite like that.

Stay tuned for more beautiful and interesting pictures from Liverpool in England!

In future posts here on my travel site, we will be visiting and travelling to Leicester, Leicester university, Birmingham, North Wales, and even visiting Shakespeare's home! More to come, so do stay with me. Thanks for reading and cheers!

Tour and see the world!


ZARA said...

What a nice place...
I do really want to go there...

Ivana said...

Love the first pic...mmm...england...I think,see one place is enough to be the whole england's representative because almost all cities lookes the same,hehehe..(this is the answer of a girl who still does not have enough money to go there....hehehe)