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Pictures from Liverpool, part 2

Pictures from Liverpool, part 2

Thanks to all my readers for giving me blog awards and support for my travel site! Here I am again with my second post on Liverpool in England! Come and tour Liverpool through the eyes of Mavis, my traveller friend!

When you tour and see Liverpool which would be the major sites and most important places that you would visit? Let me suggest some places in Liverpool that you should see when you are there :)

Presenting in this post: The sights and sounds of Liverpool!

See this great big sign? Liverpool was designated as European capital of culture 2008 :) It has galleries, museums, bars and everything else that a great capital of culture should and must have!
There are many things to see and do there in Liverpool in England, naturally!

The Liverpool city centre - where everybody will go to have a walkabout! And do some shopping here as well...

Liverpool's football team is rather famous in Europe but not so good nowadays in the Premier League, so why not pay a visit to their Liverpool FC Club Store? Haha oh well. I am a Man Utd fan so you can see that there are many more pictures of Manchester and Man Utd here on my travel site, and only the Liverpool FC store. Hahaha! :) Okie, I am sorry - I'm so biased.

I thought that this in Liverpool was nice and artistic, so I put this picture in...

We are obviously in China - no - it's still Liverpool. Speaking of which, there are Chinatowns all over the world! It's quite amazing to see that it's possible to eat Chinese food here in Liverpool in England, and I must admit that I had a lot of Chinese food while in Manchester. Come on, every day - burgers? Eating burgers daily is not good for health you see, so Chinese food is quite good.

Liverpool is also famous for the Beatles and Lennon :)

I am really sorry that I don't have many more pictures of Liverpool, the Beatles and the rest of the city with all its myriad attractions, but oh well, tried my best :)

Do stay with me here on this travel site, where there will be more beautiful pictures of England and other various places of interest. Stay tuned, thank you very much!

Tour and see the world with Mavis - she visited Liverpool!

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ZARA said...

Whether I'm not Liverpool supporter, [MU still hold the love]!, Liverpool looked pretty nice!


I must kept some saving for this.