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Pictures from Birmingham, part 1

Pictures from Birmingham, part 1

Tour and see Birmingham, UK!

I have been very busy with school (what's new, haha!) and now I have some time, so here are some pictures from Birmingham in the UK. Mavis and Gladys visited this place and we have also passed by Birmingham on several occasions.

Well, first let's have a look at the Birmingham City Centre. Birmingham is one of the more populated cities in England and it is very vibrant and bustling!

St Martin's Church in Birmingham! This Church is very important and is located in Bull Ring, very near the Selfridges.

St Martin's Church is very famous, because even Wikipedia has an article on it, proudly exhibiting pictures of St Martin's in the Bull Ring.

This is the famous facade of the modern Selfridges building in Birmingham. Selfridges shops are department stores and these are all over England. There is one major Selfridges shop in Oxford Street in London, there is another one in Trafford in Manchester, another Selfridges in Manchester City Centre and finally also this Selfridges in Birmingham, correct as at 2009.

You know how we learn new things every day? I was in Manchester and never wondered about Selfridges & Co. as we saw it there, but now I know that Selfridges is rather famous in England, when I blog about it, here in Singapore. That is an interesting nugget from my point of view, when I think about it! Selfridges is a great place to shop, although it's rather expensive, and I've been to the one in Manchester City Centre and also the one in Trafford Centre. You may wish to visit the Birmingham one.
This is a view taken from the bus, but then again, it shows part of both the St Martin's Church and also part of the Selfridges & Co. building, and that's rather interesting! When I was on my way to visit Oxford, I also passed by this very same image - as the route to visit Oxford was also through Birmingham.
Anyways, more interesting pictures to come here on my travel site, when I have time to write and post more pictures of beautiful Birmingham. Stay tuned! Thanks for reading and cheers.
Tour and see the world!

What's to come here in Tour and See The World! :)

What's to come here in Tour and See The World! :)

First and foremost, I am here and writing again, because I've lots of time now that it is going to be a long long holiday period! :)

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year, and Gong Xi Fa Cai! :)
Or Gong Xi Fa Cai, hong bao na lai (i.e. Happy New Year - Congratulations, now bring out the money! give me the money!)

OK, what will I be writing on and also presenting a lot of pictures on, in future posts on my little travel site? I once passed by Birmingham on my way to Oxford, as I was travelling to Oxford with Mavis. As I understand it, she and Gladys have been there before - as my loyal readers should know, Mavis and Gladys are really intrepid travellers and have visited many places in England (whereas I have only been to most of Central Europe during my student exchange in England). So the next posts here on my travel site will be on Birmingham in England :)

After visiting Birmingham in England, Mavis also visited North Wales in the UK. Practically every one I know who has been to North Wales have comments about it, some on the beauty of the place, and some on the culture of the place which apparently is different from the rest of the UK, or something. Well, I merely share Mavis' pictures and interpretations of the place with you, and you can see what she saw by looking at beautiful pictures of a beautiful place!

There are also going to be a few posts on other places in Europe as well, and these will be quite interesting. My intrepid traveller friends have also visited Paris Disneyland (I was there!) and also Venice, in Italy, and I will be covering those places as well.

Thus, the plan for this year, give and take, should be ...

beautiful pictures of Birmingham in England and the surrounding areas;

beautiful pictures of North Wales in the UK and its environs, as well;

some kind of detailed expose or some detailed introduction to Disneyland, and Paris Disneyland in particular (I have been to the Disneyland in Japan but did not take many pictures of it, so that was wasted!!);

and Venice, beautiful Venice, in Italy.

Alright, that is a long enough post, and we will see how this year goes, given that travelling and blogging are great stuff, but work and studies crop up every now and then. I intend to visit Japan somewhere in June this year, and this time there will be extensive visits and explorations all over that country, so that I can write about it when I come back. Although, the problem is that I do feel a bit sad that I worked my way during the recent holidays and did not go to the USA or Australia or Malaysia at all, and earned money instead.

Did I mention Happy New Year? :)

Cheers and thank you very much for reading!

Tour and see the world 2009
I try to make my travel blog better and better - give me a chance :)

Tour and See the World: Pictures from Leicester, part 3

Tour and See the World: Pictures from Leicester, part 3

Welcome back! I mean, I am back! :)

Finally I am in school and having some little time to write about Leicester in England! Welcome back to Tour and See The World, my travel site! I have so many travel photos and pictures of various places. I have decided that since the very last post in ages was about Leicester in England, this post shall conclude and round up my pictures that I have about travelling tour around Leicester. And so without further ado, here they are:

See this? This is quite typical English fare... and besides Singaporeans love food, and when they travel, they want to eat and dine and eat and dine! :)

Caught my eye: This was quite cute, so I put that in. Seen in Leicester!

This is one is quite artistic, so here it is too! Yup - seen in Leicester!

And to sum up - this final picture! That concludes this section on my travel site about Leicester in England. I hope you loved the travel pictures!

Anyways, I apologise once again that my travel blog, while full of interesting pictures and interesting places that you might want to visit, has not been as professional and super as Eunice from Travelerfolio. I am sorry! Anyways, about Eunice: She's professional in writing about travel, and although she praises me (rarely, though! haha) she is the professional and I am quite the amateur, writing about travelling and posting travel pictures, for fun and not as a profession.

Thanks for reading and more interesting pictures and beautiful places in England to come! Thanks and cheers.

Tour and see the world -with Mavis