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Tour and See the World: Pictures from Leicester, part 3

Tour and See the World: Pictures from Leicester, part 3

Welcome back! I mean, I am back! :)

Finally I am in school and having some little time to write about Leicester in England! Welcome back to Tour and See The World, my travel site! I have so many travel photos and pictures of various places. I have decided that since the very last post in ages was about Leicester in England, this post shall conclude and round up my pictures that I have about travelling tour around Leicester. And so without further ado, here they are:

See this? This is quite typical English fare... and besides Singaporeans love food, and when they travel, they want to eat and dine and eat and dine! :)

Caught my eye: This was quite cute, so I put that in. Seen in Leicester!

This is one is quite artistic, so here it is too! Yup - seen in Leicester!

And to sum up - this final picture! That concludes this section on my travel site about Leicester in England. I hope you loved the travel pictures!

Anyways, I apologise once again that my travel blog, while full of interesting pictures and interesting places that you might want to visit, has not been as professional and super as Eunice from Travelerfolio. I am sorry! Anyways, about Eunice: She's professional in writing about travel, and although she praises me (rarely, though! haha) she is the professional and I am quite the amateur, writing about travelling and posting travel pictures, for fun and not as a profession.

Thanks for reading and more interesting pictures and beautiful places in England to come! Thanks and cheers.

Tour and see the world -with Mavis

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ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...


The food looked so yummy and I loved the last picture!

The design just make me fell in love with it!