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Pictures from Birmingham, part 1

Pictures from Birmingham, part 1

Tour and see Birmingham, UK!

I have been very busy with school (what's new, haha!) and now I have some time, so here are some pictures from Birmingham in the UK. Mavis and Gladys visited this place and we have also passed by Birmingham on several occasions.

Well, first let's have a look at the Birmingham City Centre. Birmingham is one of the more populated cities in England and it is very vibrant and bustling!

St Martin's Church in Birmingham! This Church is very important and is located in Bull Ring, very near the Selfridges.

St Martin's Church is very famous, because even Wikipedia has an article on it, proudly exhibiting pictures of St Martin's in the Bull Ring.

This is the famous facade of the modern Selfridges building in Birmingham. Selfridges shops are department stores and these are all over England. There is one major Selfridges shop in Oxford Street in London, there is another one in Trafford in Manchester, another Selfridges in Manchester City Centre and finally also this Selfridges in Birmingham, correct as at 2009.

You know how we learn new things every day? I was in Manchester and never wondered about Selfridges & Co. as we saw it there, but now I know that Selfridges is rather famous in England, when I blog about it, here in Singapore. That is an interesting nugget from my point of view, when I think about it! Selfridges is a great place to shop, although it's rather expensive, and I've been to the one in Manchester City Centre and also the one in Trafford Centre. You may wish to visit the Birmingham one.
This is a view taken from the bus, but then again, it shows part of both the St Martin's Church and also part of the Selfridges & Co. building, and that's rather interesting! When I was on my way to visit Oxford, I also passed by this very same image - as the route to visit Oxford was also through Birmingham.
Anyways, more interesting pictures to come here on my travel site, when I have time to write and post more pictures of beautiful Birmingham. Stay tuned! Thanks for reading and cheers.
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jasperjugan said...

that building looks a bit scary on first look :D