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Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 3

Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 3

Tour and see the Manchester City Centre with me!

Here are the other attractions here in Manchester that I had a look at and visited while at Manchester in England. In my series here on my site on Greater Manchester, I explored the city centre in my last post, and here it is continued on this post. Enjoy the sights and attractions of the Manchester city centre!

I actually don't know what this is called, but this is one giant ferris wheel that every one will look at the moment they are here in Manchester city centre... as it is the biggest and most famous thing around. It might be worth a visit and you might want to have a ride on it to see the sights of Manchester from a high vantage point.

This is the Triangle, a shopping mall and shopping centre, which I visited often. It was one of my favourite haunts, and is quite popular as a place where Manchester teenagers hang out. There are only a few other competing shopping malls, and Arndale, the other major shopping centre, is right opposite the Triangle. This place might be worth a visit because it has a gigantic square where they are hundreds of people feeding birds, watching a gigantic screen with rugby on it, as well as many other sights and sounds of Manchester city centre life.

On the left you can see Urbis, and on the right, to the right of the sign, you can see the Printworks, which is the cinema and chill out place to visit.

Odeon is the cinema company here in Manchester, and in England too, I think. This is a better picture of the Printworks, and it is the place to visit for good food, ice cream, movies and other sorts of entertainment here in Manchester. Might be worth a visit - and did I mention, there's a Hard Rock Cafe too? :)

This is the part that reminds us that this is England after all, a typical English scene in Manchester, and I love it very much. There are many things to see and do here in Manchester and I loved visiting the city centre a lot.

(Note that all these are from a foreigner's point of view, as I am from Singapore, so I may have missed out some places that Mancunians love and appreciate. I try my best to cover everything on Manchester, which played an important part in my life, though :) )

More to come on other places in Greater Manchester here on my site, so do come and ...

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Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 2

Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 2

Tour and see Manchester City Centre with me!

In my series on Manchester, I will be showing a lot of pictures of Manchester City Centre, the University of Manchester where I studied, the neighbourhood I lived in and the like, as well as more pictures of Urbis, Old Trafford, Salford and much much more from Manchester. Here are some pictures of the City Centre, near Piccadilly, and there will be more pictures of the City Centre in the next post, showcasing the big ferris wheel and other attractions and sights and sounds of Manchester.

I have a fascination with signs, and this signboard is artistic and serves as a reminder to me of the various places that I visited and went to here in Manchester city centre. Also, there is a philosophical ring to it, isn't there - when you think that you are at the crossroads? :)

The Triangle, Printworks, Urbis and Piccadilly are all important and must-see places here in Manchester! Do remember to visit them and have a look if you pay a visit to this place.

More scenes of the city centre, bustling with life. I find that Europe in general and Manchester in particular are not as clean as Singapore, but that is my own personal opinion, and also, we have very strict laws against litter and rubbish. Manchester is beautiful, but the occasional glass bottle and lots of tissue paper, dirt and grime on the streets, which are cleaned by machines every now and then spoil the urban scene a bit.

At the same time, there are these cute and very quaint stands to have a look at. They sell all sorts of things, primarily food, and one can buy sausages and hotdogs from such a stand! There are a lot of these to see here in Manchester!

This is the famous Arndale shopping mall that I have been talking about in my post and other earlier posts. If you want to do a lot of shopping or to spend lots of pounds, here is your chance, and you can do a lot of shopping here in Arndale. Shoppers must visit this place to have a look, or even go window shopping here in Manchester!

Here is another picture of Arndale, showing the escalator up to the fast food joints. A must visit for those who want to put on weight - KFC, Burger King, Macs, and much much more! Do visit Arndale shopping centre when you are there in Manchester - it's a nice place to have a walk around and there are lots to see and do. More to come on Manchester City Centre in the next post, so stay tuned! :)

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Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 1

Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 1

Tour and see the world with me, and in this post, with my friends and people I've met!! :)

After my Europe tour, I spent most of my time touring and visiting various places in Manchester instead, so here is the series of my Manchester experiences. I am going to write about Old Trafford, Manchester United, and also other interesting places. That's why this series is called Greater Manchester. Later, I am also going to feature other places in the UK that Gladys visited, such as Cambridge, Cornwall and much more - yes, I told you before that my friend is an avid traveller and loves to travel and tour, especially since we were on exchange here in the University of Manchester and did not have to study so hard :) However, before I begin with my final instalment of my Manchester pictures and my Manchester experiences, I would like to share the interesting people I met during my tours and travels, and also during the course of my stay and study here in Manchester. Here are some of the many and varied interesting people I've met while at Manchester.

This is pretty and interesting Gladys Lee, who has lent me many pictures for my travel site and also been very instrumental in the creation of my travel blog, as she knows a lot of computer skills as well as a lot about photo taking, travelling, and the like. As I've said, my friend is an avid traveller and has visited many places both within and outside the UK, which I will be featuring in my blog, in later posts, so stay tuned! :)

The pretty lady holding the L'equippe is my French teacher, Daphne, from Canada. She lived in France and was born in Canada, where they too speak French, and she has an excellent command of French. She taught me French while I was at Manchester during my exchange programme, and the sad thing is that I didn't learn much formally in school and had to depend almost entirely on her skill and expertise. Thanks Daphne! My travels and visits to places in France was kind of assisted by her :) And I love chateaux and voitures!

This above isn't really someone I met, but when I was touring the museum, in particular the Urbis exhibition, I saw this very interesting posture and just had to take this picture down. Well, we don't get this very often, visiting museums here in my country :)

This is my Economic History professor, Dr Joseph Harrison, whom I met while studying here at Manchester. I like him very much and we could talk about everything, not just about work and studies, but also about travelling, visiting Germany and visiting Spain. He speaks Spanish and is an expert in Spanish history, language and culture.

Tour and see the world with me!
And in this post, tour and see the world with me and my friends and people I've met! :)

My friend Gladys' Tour in Belgium - Pictures from Belgium 3

My friend Gladys' Tour in Belgium - Pictures from Belgium 3

Here are some final random pictures of Gladys' tour in Belgium. But before her tour of Belgium pictures, here are some of SNOW in London! The amazing thing is that these pictures were all taken in... SPRING! It snows in spring, here in England, so the old saying, as "changeable as the weather", is true and probably orginated here in England.

It snowed in London, and Gladys was there during her break, coming back from Belgium to England! Here are the pictures...

More snow from London in England, and then now, back to pictures of Belgium - hope you enjoy this final instalment of beautiful pictures of interesting Belgium. Gladys and I enjoyed swapping lots of stories about our tours, and her stay in Belgium was fun and fruitful.

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful pictures! Belgium is very beautiful and looks interesting, albeit a bit dreary and dark, but then again, sometimes Europe has this overall look of darkness. Overall, beautiful Belgium was one of Gladys' fave places :)
Tour and see the world! In this series, tour and see the world with me and Gladys! :)

My friend Gladys' Tour in Belgium - Pictures from Belgium 2

My friend Gladys' Tour in Belgium - Pictures from Belgium 2

Tour the world with me, and in this mini series on Belgium, with Gladys, my intrepid traveller friend :)

Gladys, my travel friend and good university friend that I met while studying at the University of Manchester, while I was in England, loves to travel by boat and go for those boat cruises and boat rides while doing her tours and travels. You can see some beautiful pictures she took of Belgium while taking a boat cruise ride down the rivers and waterways, and her pictures are excellent.

Anyways, to take very good advice from my blogger friends and travel site friends, here is a new formatting style for my Tour and See the World travel site! I'll know if this works if I don't get any more complaints or any more advice to make changes here and there, although it is quite interesting in itself to see how the posts have changed and evolved over time.

(Although I suspect that my pictures and photo taking skills, when travelling, have remained fairly constant and very consistent - I like to use the rule of 3rds when taking pictures and being a guy, I sadly usually go for buildings first and then people second.)

Without further ado, here is the first picture of the scene of Gladys on her way to take the cruise ride and boat trip to have a look around Belgium. Or so I am guessing from what she told me of Belgium and its waterways.

And this is a picture of the river bank in Belgium... with little animals and birds around :)

And here are the other tourists and guests who were also on her boat ride. Many people like boat cruises, I guess...?

This is how Belgium, or at least the built up building areas of Belgium, looks like from the waterways.

And finally, back on land, Gladys got to see horses and stuff. Well, quite an interesting boat ride, nonetheless?

Tour and see the world with me! And in this series, we get to tour with my friend Gladys Lee :)

My friend Gladys' Tour in Belgium - Pictures from Belgium 1

My friend Gladys' Tour in Belgium - Pictures from Belgium 1

As I said, while I was busy travelling in France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovakia, Austria and Germany, my friends were in other places in Europe. Here I introduce a friend of mine who loves travelling and has travelled around most of the UK. I have had the pleasure and honour to meet and know Gladys L, an intrepid traveller and tourist, as I was studying in Manchester in the UK. Here are her pictures of Belgium, which she visited during the time I was travelling around and visiting many countries in Europe. If you look around my travel blog, you might also see Gladys in other places that I have visited too, because she has visited many places in England with me as well. This post is for her - thanks for contributing pictures to my travel site and thanks for being good friends with me when I was studying in Manchester!

As an aside, I would also like to thank Eunice of travelerfolio and all my other readers who have contributed ideas and thoughts on how to improve my travel blog and have given me encouragement and kind words! Especially given the fact that you kind people are friends that I have met on the Internet. Thank you very much! I shall seek to improve and develop my site as time goes on.

Special thanks to Gladys for all her kind contributions to my fledging travel website, Tour and See the World! And for her recommendations of Nuffnang and Statcounter, too. More to come in future posts on interesting Belgium, with lots of pictures taken by Gladys, a professional tourist. Cheers!

Tour and see the world with me! And Gladys, my intrepid traveller friend :)

Pictures from Stansted, Stockport and London, UK

Pictures from Stansted, Stockport and London, UK

Oh no, the title is a bit of a misnomer, but the problem was that, haha... I couldn't find the pictures I took of Stansted Airport and Stockport. I visited those places, took lots of pictures, and now I cannot find them. Oh well! They're somewhere around my computer. Do forgive me for the technical laspe, etc...

Luckily, I have found my pictures of London taken by my friends and myself, so here is a sampling of interesting pictures of London. (All in all, I have been to London two times and my friends have been to London three times!)

As I have probably mentioned before, London is apparently made up of two distinct cities, one Westminster and one City of London, and this is Westminster here in the picture above. I visited London on a day trip before visiting Europe already, so I kinda knew quite a lot about London before I set foot in London again. We didn't visit many places because, firstly, we had been here before, and secondly we were running out of money and time due to all the money and time we had spent on the Europe trip. Oh well :)

This may not look like it, but the picture above is actually Trafalgar Square, and this picture, well, doesn't seem to show that we were at Trafalgar Square. We did not have another look at Nelson's statue and all that because we were, frankly, lazy... haha!

This one is of the London Eye, which looks very much like, of course, the Singapore Flyer. That's because our Singapore Flyer is based upon this very impressive structure. We did not go on the London Eye though.

And this is the bus that brought us from the "ulu" "ulu" Stansted Airport to London. The journey was long and tiring, but it was very interesting to see the sun rise and the night segue into daylight. It was beautiful, to say the least. And this marked literally the end of the Europe trip, because we were back in the UK again.
More on various other Europe trips made by my friends to come on my travel blog! I toured Central Europe basically, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Slovakia and Germany. My other friends went to other interesting European countries during the Easter break. I shall be blogging about those other places and interesting sights and sounds in my blog as well. Stay tuned :)
Tour and see the world with me!

My last stop in my Europe Tour - London, UK

My last stop in my Europe Tour - London, UK

My Europe tour covered Paris in France, Zurich in Switzerland, Milan and Rome in Italy, Bratislava in Slovakia for a very short while, Vienna in Austria, Munich and Berlin and Potsdam in Germany, and then finally, London back in the UK. That was before I travelled back from London to Manchester, where I was based.

The airline that we took was Air Berlin, and we landed in Stansted airport. Stansted airport is for budget flights, and so we landed there during the last leg of our Europe tour, and then took a bus back to London from there. I had already been to London before that, so we didn't do much exploring apart from walking around and a bit here and there. Oh well, who said that travelling always had to be exciting and always activity filled? :) Haha :)

From London, we took a train back to Manchester, and that passed by Stockport, where we stopped for a while. Stockport looked typically English to me and was pretty quaint and nice. We finally landed back in Oxford street in Manchester after an exciting Europe trip! Pictures and captions of London and Stockport to come in the next post! :)

Tour and see the world with me!

Berlin in Germany - the Reichstag/ Bundestag

Berlin in Germany - the Reichstag/ Bundestag (German government building)

Here are the pictures of the Reichstag... the Reichstag has a long and interesting history, and most visitors to Germany already know of German history as well as the famous burning of the Reichstag. Come and tour the Reichstag with me, both outside and inside of the famous building. You should visit it when you are in Berlin, and a simple appointment made in advance will let you have privileged and educational access, complete with a guide.

This is the beautiful view of the domed roof (the famous glass and metal dome) from the roof. Many visitors visit the Reichstag just to see this, really!

This is the view of the rooftop of the Reichstag itself, where you can see all the tourists and the travellers/ visitors/ students/ and curious people like myself walking all around the roof and having a look around Berlin from a very nice and high vantage point.

The view from the roof - panoramic view isn't it?

This is the inside of the building, and you can see the eagle that is the emblem and symbol of Germany. Visit the Reichstag to see all these beautiful symbols and representations of Germany's history and culture. I remember that Austria's own eagle has two heads... one facing east and one facing west. If I am not wrong.

To prevent any abuse of power, after Hitler, the public is allowed to see the proceedings from above. The tour guide reminded us visitors of Germany's dark history, and

any time anyone in government or in a position of power wants to know who really and actually is in power in Germany, they have to look up, and they see the people peering down on them. The German public runs the place.

Powerful and inspiring lines, and I loved the concept a lot. :) Even though I am just a visitor.

OK, that's it for my Germany posts and my Germany section during my Europe trip. Cheers!


More beautiful pictures from Berlin and Potsdam in Germany

More beautiful pictures from Berlin and Potsdam in Germany

Here are more pictures from Berlin and Potsdam in Germany. I loved my time visiting those places and I am sure you will enjoying touring them with me here on my travel site. I am trying out a new format for my pictures and captions even though I am a computer dinosaur... well, I love to travel and can take good photographs, and can write reasonably well, but when it comes to operating a computer or a photo editor to put up my travel pictures ... well... haha :)

This is the remnant of Hitler's bunker, because it was sealed up by the government or the Soviets when the Second World War ended here in Germany. It was very interesting for me to visit this place because I am a history buff and have a great interest in history, and when I finally got to see the famous bunker and visit it, it was nothing more than a grass patch. Nonetheless, it was great despite being completely different in my mind's eye.

I also happened to chance upon a Singapore flag in the course of my travels here in Berlin. I mean, there are Singaporean embassies and flags all around the world and also all around Europe, but what I mean here is that I feel a certain national sense of pride seeing my national flag flying proudly in an embassy in another country.

This is an interesting wall mural from the DDR - from DDR times here in East Berlin in Germany. There was a lot of propaganda, and this one is a good example. One can see why - happy socialists, happy children, positive scenes of the proletariat, etc... very positive propaganda here in East Germany during the Cold War.

This is the Berlin Wall, or at least, part of the Berlin Wall. I visited the remnants of the Berlin Wall while here at Berlin, as it is an integral part of German history and Germany itself.

This very "interesting" place interested me quite a bit - apart from the fact that it faced a youth hostel, this interesting place was also photographed by my ex-girlfriend, who lived in the particular youth hostel facing this place when she studied in Germany many years ago. Hahaha! What a coincidence. I came across the same sex shop that my ex-girlfriend saw several years ago in big, big, big Berlin!

I also visited the Bundestag/ Reichstag, and there will be an article and lots of beautiful pictures and photos on the Reichstag in the next post. The reason why you see a lot of Germany on my travel site is simply because I love Germany, having learnt German and having appreciated Germany's culture and history for years. I hope you share my travelling interest! The German parliament building and the actual seat of government of Germany (in Berlin) to come in the next post!

Tour and see the world with me!