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More beautiful pictures from Berlin and Potsdam in Germany

More beautiful pictures from Berlin and Potsdam in Germany

Here are more pictures from Berlin and Potsdam in Germany. I loved my time visiting those places and I am sure you will enjoying touring them with me here on my travel site. I am trying out a new format for my pictures and captions even though I am a computer dinosaur... well, I love to travel and can take good photographs, and can write reasonably well, but when it comes to operating a computer or a photo editor to put up my travel pictures ... well... haha :)

This is the remnant of Hitler's bunker, because it was sealed up by the government or the Soviets when the Second World War ended here in Germany. It was very interesting for me to visit this place because I am a history buff and have a great interest in history, and when I finally got to see the famous bunker and visit it, it was nothing more than a grass patch. Nonetheless, it was great despite being completely different in my mind's eye.

I also happened to chance upon a Singapore flag in the course of my travels here in Berlin. I mean, there are Singaporean embassies and flags all around the world and also all around Europe, but what I mean here is that I feel a certain national sense of pride seeing my national flag flying proudly in an embassy in another country.

This is an interesting wall mural from the DDR - from DDR times here in East Berlin in Germany. There was a lot of propaganda, and this one is a good example. One can see why - happy socialists, happy children, positive scenes of the proletariat, etc... very positive propaganda here in East Germany during the Cold War.

This is the Berlin Wall, or at least, part of the Berlin Wall. I visited the remnants of the Berlin Wall while here at Berlin, as it is an integral part of German history and Germany itself.

This very "interesting" place interested me quite a bit - apart from the fact that it faced a youth hostel, this interesting place was also photographed by my ex-girlfriend, who lived in the particular youth hostel facing this place when she studied in Germany many years ago. Hahaha! What a coincidence. I came across the same sex shop that my ex-girlfriend saw several years ago in big, big, big Berlin!

I also visited the Bundestag/ Reichstag, and there will be an article and lots of beautiful pictures and photos on the Reichstag in the next post. The reason why you see a lot of Germany on my travel site is simply because I love Germany, having learnt German and having appreciated Germany's culture and history for years. I hope you share my travelling interest! The German parliament building and the actual seat of government of Germany (in Berlin) to come in the next post!

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The Asian Traveler said...

Berlin and Germany? Wow, how I wish I can visit these two places in the future. :)I also love traveling.

By the way, care to exchange links? :)