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Pictures from Potsdam, Germany

Pictures from Potsdam, Germany

I travelled down from Berlin to Potsdam, with the New Berlin Free Tour group, and the whole group of international travellers visited the historical and beautiful city of palaces and German places.

First, you can see here on my travel blog: the Brandenburg Gate of Potsdam, not the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. According to the tour guide, there are two Brandenburg Gates, and here is the second gate in Potsdam. That was very interesting and a cute nugget of information.

The next two pictures are of the Sansoucci, and you can see the parks, the trees and the water at the Sansoucci. We all loved the Sansoucci, but the problem was that we had little time to visit, because sadly we were rushing from one place to another in our rush to get from place to place, visiting all sorts of palaces and parks. Heh...

Next: a palace under renovation - in Germany, during the Second World War, many palaces were destroyed, and what you see today are usually and mainly reconstructions of palaces and beautiful old and ancient buildings that the government reconstructed and preserved, not just for heritage but for visitors and tourists like me and you. There are many, many palaces and ancient heritage buildings here in Potsdam!

You can also see the bridge which divided East from West Berlin, and this is today a tourist attraction but was a deadly, deathly bridge from which many tried to flee from the East to the West, but with tragic results. More history to come in future posts on Germany, because the country has a unique and special history despite being a rather young nation (compared to many other nations, Germany is young as it was born in 1871).

The last two pictures are of Cecilienhof, where the famous Potsdam Conference was held. We visited the hotel and had a good look around the whole place. Interestingly enough, as I have probably mentioned before, there is a gigantic Red Star in front of the facade of the Cecilienhof, where Stalin was no doubt showing Churchill and the rest how powerful he was. Germany is beautiful and a great place to visit, and Potsdam was no exception. I hope you love the beautiful and scenic pictures here on my travel blog from Potsdam in Germany!

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TNH said...

nice post..a suggestion here..i think it will be better if the picture is put right after your description..because not so convinient to drag donw to see the picture while reading the post..just a suggestion...the picture is really nice..

Shawn Seah said...

Thanks for the comment! I shall work on that. Actually, I did think of that but... being a luddite and a real dinosaur, I can't seem to adjust the pictures to make them do what I want. Shall try to get it to work the next time round, thanks!! :)

Islander said...

wow great structures... *sigh* i will just dream ive reached germany. hehe

Shawn Seah said...

Yup, Germany is a beautiful country :) Great buildings and also great scenery as well.

Budget Traveler said...

you've got great photos here! cheers!