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Pictures from Berlin, Germany

Pictures from Berlin, Germany

Here are pictures from Berlin, the interesting and beautiful capital city of Germany. I visited Berlin as the last leg of my continental central European tour, and here are the pictures of:

the Apotheke near my hotel where I stayed; the Markgrafenstrasse somewhere in Berlin, where you can see all the colourful and huge pipes around the place (as Berlin is literally built on a swamp, there are many pipes to ferry water out of Berlin - echt! According to the tour guide who gave us a guided tour around the city, Berlin was not just founded on a swamp, but the word Berlin is from a Slavic term, meaning swamp. Not my words, but from the tour guide who was from the New Berlin Free Tour company); the Brandenburg Gate; the Reichstag; souvenirs from East Berlin and of course, who can ever miss the interesting Legoland in Berlin, Germany!

More beautiful pictures of Berlin, Potsdam, and Germany to come, here on my travel website, Tour and See the World! Stay tuned :)

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Budget Traveler said...

wow! germany looks like a very beautiful place!

TNH said...

How nice to have chances to visit oversea country..hmm...from the picture of markgrafenstrafye,can see that the building is really well organise..

Shawn Seah said...

Yes Germany is very beautiful :) I love it. I learnt German for many years and it was very fun using German in Germany and not in class instead, haha. Thanks for your nice comments :) Cheers!!