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More pictures from Munich, Germany - Dachau, Munich and More

More pictures from Munich, Germany - Dachau, Munich and More

Here are more pictures from the Dachau concentration camp, and also more pictures of other places in Munich that I visited. You can see the Glockenspiel at Marienplatz here, the Frauenkirche, the Beer Hall (where you can actually see the Nazi symbols of the Swastika on the ground here, if you stay here and look hard enough), the Viktualienmarkt, and then Dachau concentration camp.

The tour guides, the bearded guy and the fat looking and jovial chap, are from the New Munich free tours and were our guides for the tour. They raised an interesting question: when visiting Munich, the home of National Socialism and Hitler's beginnings etc, and Germany in particular, all over are Holocaust memorials and Nazi symbols from the past - should we have these symbols and these memorials or not? On the one hand, it is good to learn from history and all these can teach us the lessons of the past. On the other hand, these remind people of the evil that the Nazis did and are a blot on the pride of some Germans. And besides, the Germans of today are not the ones who killed the Jews, Hitler and his henchmen did... or did they? New research in history shows complicity by the German population, but only a majority, because Sophie Scholl and others in a minority went against Hitler. Beautiful Munich, and interesting but sombre history... do enjoy the pics!

More to come on Sophie Scholl in the next post.

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