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Munich in Germany

Munich in Germany

After Vienna, my friends and I flew using Air Berlin to Munich in Germany. Firstly, a personal air and travelling tip - Air Berlin is one of the best budget flights in Europe for European tours and journeys, in my own personal opinion, because, niki, ryanair, and the other airliners don't seem to be as good and convenient as Air Berlin. (Although I actually hear that Air Berlin isn't really a budget airline, but a low cost standard airline, that's why...)

I used the New Munich Free Tours to get around Munich, when I visited Munich. The New country tours are really good and they are full of quality and value for money. There were many interesting and good places to visit, and I did a lot of visiting and travelling around Munich.

The Glockenspiel at Marienplatz is the main attraction and is something that visitors all over the world go to Munich in Germany to see. The famous beer hall where Hitler launched his famous Beer Hall putsch is also on display here in Munich. The Frauenkirche is an important and very interesting church to visit, as well as its apparent legend of the devil's deal with the architect (no doubt apocryphal) and the fact that Joseph Ratzinger, the Pope, was from this church. The Viktualien Markt is a famous outdoor market and was very interesting with many traditional German foods and goods. The royal residence, the new town hall and the old townhall (Rathaus) were also nice places to visit and there was a lot of history behind them. In addition, we also went on a walking tour around Munich to trace out Nazi steps in Hitler's ascent to power, or more accurately, his attempted ascent to power.

I visited also Dachau, using the New Munich Concentration Camp memorial tour where I saw firsthand an interesting but dark and macabre part of Nazi Germany's history. Dachau was a model concentration camp and I think it is important for people to get to know Germany's past and history so that we will never repeat the mistakes that man has made. Sad to say, concentration camps still exist throughout the world and these concentration camps of torture and inhumanity still exist today. Mankind must learn from her mistakes!

More to come on my Tour and See the World travel blog regarding my exciting and interesting visit and stay here in Germany! Stay tuned for beautiful pictures from a beautiful and cultural city ...

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