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Vienna in Austria

Vienna in Austria

There were many places of interest in Vienna, Austria, the next stop on our world tour. We reached the airport in the night when the bus from Bratislava brought us there late. My two travelling companions also met up with our latest member, Christine, another girl who joined us to travel around Europe on the last three places of our tour (Vienna, Munich and Berlin). So we had a great big company on our travels.

In Vienna, here are the interesting and beautiful places that we visited:

the Tiergarten, Schloss Schoenbrunn, Stephansdom, some museum that featured dead bodies and anatomy scientists (yes, very morbid and macabre!), Mozart's statue, the Austrian parliament and the statue of Athena, the outside of several museums, (we had not enough time, money and inclination to visit all those museums, and besides we had museum phobia after visiting the colossal and gigantic Louvre in Paris) in particular, the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Naturhistorisches Museum, and we also attended an concert/ musical/ opera in some place in town next to a gigantic Beethoven statue! It was a fun time in a great country with a proud and ancient imperial history, but now surrounded in modernity and culture.

All these and beautiful and cool pictures to come on future posts here on Tour and see the world! Austria is one of my favourites because I can speak German and they thought my German was cool and very good! :)

PS You should all visit the Stephansdom, and see for yourself how majestic and interesting it is, situated in the middle of town and in the middle of modernity.

Tour and see the world!

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