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Dachau concentration camp - Germany

Dachau concentration camp - Germany

(Disclaimer: negative and very horrific topic coming up: don't read unless you want to read about negative aspects of Nazi Germany's history!)

I went to visit the Dachau concentration camp near Munich, and this concentration camp was one of the first to be built and the model camp where SS personnel were trained to carry out their evil deeds elsewhere. Many died here and there were many torture rooms and torture methods.

Dachau was not an extermination camp where Jews were deliberately murdered, but it was not a holiday camp either. It was a work camp, where the Jews and other undesirables laboured for the Third Reich, providing slave labour. Many died while working, under harsh conditions, and the people here had no rights and absolutely no dignity under the harsh power of the Nazis.

Concentration camps are a dark, black blot on humanity's history, and we should learn from them. I love Germany myself, and I speak German, and although I have a bias towards things German and love German history, the Nazi period is one major period of history that we must learn from and never ever repeat again. Someone once asked me, what is the benefit of travelling? Well, there are many benefits of travelling, and one of them is that you get to learn important history lessons or important life lessons. I think, not forgetting history and learning from history so that less people will die in vain are important. Dachau reminded me of that, because all who died here were no less human than we are.

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