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Tour and See the World: Pictures from Leicester, part 2

Tour and See the World: Pictures from Leicester, part 2

I actually finished my exams quite a few days ago and thought to myself, hey, now I will have lots of time to write my travel blog and write about the things I wanted to do - how to travel, tips on travelling and all sorts of stuff like that on travelling! But then I did lots more of other things and had less time to work on Tour and See the World, ...... ....... but NOW I am back! :)

That is, I'm back till I go off to Genting in Malaysia for holiday. It turns out that I won't be going to either the USA or Australia - the recession has got worse, and honestly the financial tsunami has definitely hit the tourism industry, as well as my pocket. So I will be going to Malaysia instead, on a tour package/ travel package... it's cheaper to visit Malaysia you see!

Anyways, enough grumbling and enough complaining... :D

tour and see Leicester! :)

More pictures from beautiful Leicester in the UK, including Leicester university. Enjoy the pictures here, thank you very much for visiting!

This Leicester comedy festival was a really interesting one, as well as a crowd puller for the tourism/ tourist industry!

Leicester - typical England-y look here?

Still visiting Leicester university I believe....

Gladys and Mavis, my intrepid traveller friends!

Leicester - and just for laughs! :)

They're cute. And arranged neatly in a circle! That's it.

More pictures on England to come later! Thanks and cheers. Gotta run!

Tour and see the world with me!