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More pictures from Munich, Germany - last instalment

More pictures from Munich, Germany - last instalment

I wanted to post 8 beautiful pictures here, and then Blogger did some abracadabra magic on me, and now there are only 4. Hmmmm. Sorry! Oh well, we'll make do I guess :) Sorry to all my loyal readers :p

Here are the pictures that did make it past Blogger's sudden picture "censorship":

The stone map of Munich; the Allianz Stadium for football, which we visited while in Munich; the lion is the standard emblem of Munich, and then finally a beautiful arial/ high up/ rooftop view of Munich from the top of St Peter's church.

After Munich, we flew by Air Berlin to Berlin, Germany! More to come on my Europe tour/ trip and Berlin and Potsdam, in my next post here on my travel blog. Cheers and stay tuned!

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eunice said...

Awesome photos!!! Shawn, u take photos like a professional, and write like an author!

Got future! heheheh


Shawn Seah said...

Thanks Eunice! Haha :) Nice comment!