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My last stop in my Europe Tour - London, UK

My last stop in my Europe Tour - London, UK

My Europe tour covered Paris in France, Zurich in Switzerland, Milan and Rome in Italy, Bratislava in Slovakia for a very short while, Vienna in Austria, Munich and Berlin and Potsdam in Germany, and then finally, London back in the UK. That was before I travelled back from London to Manchester, where I was based.

The airline that we took was Air Berlin, and we landed in Stansted airport. Stansted airport is for budget flights, and so we landed there during the last leg of our Europe tour, and then took a bus back to London from there. I had already been to London before that, so we didn't do much exploring apart from walking around and a bit here and there. Oh well, who said that travelling always had to be exciting and always activity filled? :) Haha :)

From London, we took a train back to Manchester, and that passed by Stockport, where we stopped for a while. Stockport looked typically English to me and was pretty quaint and nice. We finally landed back in Oxford street in Manchester after an exciting Europe trip! Pictures and captions of London and Stockport to come in the next post! :)

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