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Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 3

Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 3

Tour and see the Manchester City Centre with me!

Here are the other attractions here in Manchester that I had a look at and visited while at Manchester in England. In my series here on my site on Greater Manchester, I explored the city centre in my last post, and here it is continued on this post. Enjoy the sights and attractions of the Manchester city centre!

I actually don't know what this is called, but this is one giant ferris wheel that every one will look at the moment they are here in Manchester city centre... as it is the biggest and most famous thing around. It might be worth a visit and you might want to have a ride on it to see the sights of Manchester from a high vantage point.

This is the Triangle, a shopping mall and shopping centre, which I visited often. It was one of my favourite haunts, and is quite popular as a place where Manchester teenagers hang out. There are only a few other competing shopping malls, and Arndale, the other major shopping centre, is right opposite the Triangle. This place might be worth a visit because it has a gigantic square where they are hundreds of people feeding birds, watching a gigantic screen with rugby on it, as well as many other sights and sounds of Manchester city centre life.

On the left you can see Urbis, and on the right, to the right of the sign, you can see the Printworks, which is the cinema and chill out place to visit.

Odeon is the cinema company here in Manchester, and in England too, I think. This is a better picture of the Printworks, and it is the place to visit for good food, ice cream, movies and other sorts of entertainment here in Manchester. Might be worth a visit - and did I mention, there's a Hard Rock Cafe too? :)

This is the part that reminds us that this is England after all, a typical English scene in Manchester, and I love it very much. There are many things to see and do here in Manchester and I loved visiting the city centre a lot.

(Note that all these are from a foreigner's point of view, as I am from Singapore, so I may have missed out some places that Mancunians love and appreciate. I try my best to cover everything on Manchester, which played an important part in my life, though :) )

More to come on other places in Greater Manchester here on my site, so do come and ...

Tour and see the world with me!

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eunice said...

Seems like I have just toured Manchester! That ferris first I thought it was Singapore Flyer! :D