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Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 2

Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 2

Tour and see Manchester City Centre with me!

In my series on Manchester, I will be showing a lot of pictures of Manchester City Centre, the University of Manchester where I studied, the neighbourhood I lived in and the like, as well as more pictures of Urbis, Old Trafford, Salford and much much more from Manchester. Here are some pictures of the City Centre, near Piccadilly, and there will be more pictures of the City Centre in the next post, showcasing the big ferris wheel and other attractions and sights and sounds of Manchester.

I have a fascination with signs, and this signboard is artistic and serves as a reminder to me of the various places that I visited and went to here in Manchester city centre. Also, there is a philosophical ring to it, isn't there - when you think that you are at the crossroads? :)

The Triangle, Printworks, Urbis and Piccadilly are all important and must-see places here in Manchester! Do remember to visit them and have a look if you pay a visit to this place.

More scenes of the city centre, bustling with life. I find that Europe in general and Manchester in particular are not as clean as Singapore, but that is my own personal opinion, and also, we have very strict laws against litter and rubbish. Manchester is beautiful, but the occasional glass bottle and lots of tissue paper, dirt and grime on the streets, which are cleaned by machines every now and then spoil the urban scene a bit.

At the same time, there are these cute and very quaint stands to have a look at. They sell all sorts of things, primarily food, and one can buy sausages and hotdogs from such a stand! There are a lot of these to see here in Manchester!

This is the famous Arndale shopping mall that I have been talking about in my post and other earlier posts. If you want to do a lot of shopping or to spend lots of pounds, here is your chance, and you can do a lot of shopping here in Arndale. Shoppers must visit this place to have a look, or even go window shopping here in Manchester!

Here is another picture of Arndale, showing the escalator up to the fast food joints. A must visit for those who want to put on weight - KFC, Burger King, Macs, and much much more! Do visit Arndale shopping centre when you are there in Manchester - it's a nice place to have a walk around and there are lots to see and do. More to come on Manchester City Centre in the next post, so stay tuned! :)

Tour and see the world with me!

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eunice said...

WA!! So good that you traveled all over UK.. I no money to go UK, so expensive. Whenever I thought of UK, I will think n think n think.. thinking of the pounds!

Did you watch any English Premier League in UK? Did you visit the Man U stadium?