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Pictures from Birmingham, part 2

Pictures from Birmingham, part 2

Here is the second set of Pictures from Birmingham, part 2. Do enjoy them as you tour Birmingham in England:

This is the BBC branch in Birmingham. Every major city here in the UK has one BBC branch, including Birmingham and Manchester of course! This is the TV productions centre. You can visit the place and have a look for yourself to see what goes on behind the scenes - you can even visit the gallery and you can try weather broadcasting yourself :) In your very own video!

This is victoria square, a big atrium or big space, in the middle of the city centre here in Birmingham. There are fairs going on sometimes and this is one of the more quiet moments.

This is also taken from the Victoria Square here in Birmingham in England.

Here are some beautiful and very cheap road side flowers - these flower shops are all over Birmingham and they make the place very lovely. Mavis and Gladys wanted to buy some flowers, but the journey back to Manchester was too long, so they didn't :P

More pictures of Birmingham in England to come in future posts, so do stay tuned and thanks very much for reading. Cheers!

Tour and see the world :)