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Pictures from Cambridge, England - part 2

Pictures from Cambridge, England - part 2

Tour and see the world with Gladys

Welcome back to my travel blog :) To my loyal and faithful readers: I'm really sorry I haven't had enough time to blog and write and post pictures because I have been very busy. I think this is the first and last time I will be apologising, because I am always busy, so please forgive me!! :)

This is a series on Cambridge in England, where my friend Gladys went to visit and have a look at the university and visit the city itself. Guess what today's post is about....? Yup it's about Cambridge university itself, of course. Let us tour around the university with my friend Gladys!

I myself wanted to study either at Cambridge or Oxford last time, when I was studying for my A levels, and then later found myself in the University of Manchester - so how interesting life is sometimes! Have you ever wondered how Cambridge looks like? Now you know :) Hope you enjoy the beautiful travel pictures!

This picture above is a bit dreary but it's England... sometimes this happens... :)
In the next post here on my travel site, we will visit the sights and sounds of Cambridge in England. Stay tuned!
Hope you loved the pictures and they motivate you to have a look at Cambridge or go there for a visit one day :) Cheers!
Tour and see the world with me!

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Ivana said... the pics.I've got to go there one day...
oh ya, I've an award for you in my blog.If you have time, please accept it.Have a nice day!!