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Pictures from Cornwall and Charlestown, part 3

Pictures from Cornwall and Charlestown, part 3

Charlestown! :)

Having seen Cornwall, here's the second part of the visit - Charlestown! Charlestown is a working port in St Austell, in Cornwall. There is a harbour to see here as well as several interesting beaches, nice lovely houses to see with interesting Cornwall - Charlestown architecture, and definitely this is quite an interesting tourist destination. There is one little catch though - it's a small place and only really worth a short visit! (Quite unlike the Eden Project, featured in the previous post, which is worth a longer time in terms of exploration because of its depth and size, literally and figuratively.) Let's have a look at Charlestown :)

Typical English country sight ... this is one of the common sights here in Charlestown, and there are many other places like this here in England.

The beautiful seaside, the marvellous rocky cliffs - the natural beauty of the place here in Charlestown is great!

Charlestown is also noted for being a port that people/tourists love to visit, and here's why...

The reality is that while it's beautiful, the place also looks rather simple - well it's just a sea port with an excellent view, so it can be explored and covered rather quickly.

Two ways to look at this - the road to Charlestown, or this is the end of the road... metaphorically? Excellent photography by my intrepid explorer friend, Gladys Lee.

In my final post on Cornwall and Charlestown I shall put up all the other miscellaneous and interesting pictures of the places for you to enjoy... hope you enjoyed the pictures and commentary!

Tour and see the world with me and Gladys!

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