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Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 7

Pictures from Greater Manchester, part 7

Life is complex, and art is complex too - so I've decided to put random pictures of Greater Manchester here in this interesting last post on Manchester in England. Yup, this is a complex and funny post.

I have been very fortunate and lucky to have the chance to visit and tour many interesting places around the world and I certainly loved Manchester (barring of course one racist incident and one small crime against me when I was there). A small point on crime against tourists when travelling: I do suppose that there is crime in every country, and in any case, when I was there in England a small little racist incident does not mean, and did not mean, that all Mancunians are racist; don't get me wrong! :)

Here are some pictures from Greater Manchester that made it to my travel blog, Tour and See the World: do please enjoy!

This is Salford Quay... quite beautiful and very Englandly, isn't it?

Marks and Spencer - of course :)

I used to go to Piccadilly Gardens often - to take the bus, to meet friends, to go to town, to travel to other places, and so much more... there are fond memories of this place.

The beautiful view of the inside of Trafford Centre - the biggest mall in the whole country, I think! I have visited many malls in my life, and this one is the size of many Singapore malls put together in one single place. It was great to be there, and there are so many things to do and see and one can, of course, shop there.

All in all, my Manchester experience was great! Do visit all my other posts on Greater Manchester here on my site, and the links here are for your own convenience:

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Thanks for touring Manchester with me ... we shall tour other parts of England in my travel blog. Where will we go? The intrepid Gladys has the answer ;) Stay tuned!

Tour and see the world with me!


jasperjugan said...

yay! manchester! i haven't been anywhere near that part of the world yet.

Ner said...

Sorry for not visiting much due to work... What racist incident and crime? It's a good thing you don't generalize bad habits to all citizens unlike most people. :)

Shawn Seah said...

Haha well, I was lucky - I was attacked once by racists while on a bus (they said racist stuff and tried to attack me, but I managed to escape, luckily!), and on another incident a desperate man robbed me of dinner when I was at Rusholme buying burgers. The burger man gave me a free dinner after that, though! :) So there are lots of good people around.

Ner said...

Wow, at least you see there still are good people there. Hooray for the burger man! ^^

Shawn Seah said...

Yup! True, there are good people around. :D

ZARA said...

I really want to go there....
My dream place....
I want~