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Pictures from Paris Disneyland, France - part 2

Pictures from Paris Disneyland, France - part 2

Tour and see the world - Paris Disneyland, France!

Well, here I am again! I have some time to write about Paris and Disneyland, and some time to post some really beautiful and interesting pictures about Paris in Europe, so here I am :) As I mentioned in my last post, I don't expect to win travel blog awards, so I don't post pictures and write stuff merely to participate in travel site competitions. I do post when I have time off my busy schedule.

Did I mention that after all my suffering, I will be going to Japan, to visit Tokyo? Haha yes, that will mean that I have another chance to write about Tokyo Disneyland later... in Japan! And Universal Studios, another great theme park, which is really exciting. Good stuff to look forward too - holidays, holidays, holidays! Holidays in Japan! Great stuff. Back to the topic...

Without further ado, here are more beautiful pictures from Paris Disneyland, France:

And I think this one is very cute: ciao, adios, later dudes!! :) :)

I hope you loved those. More to come, here on my travel site, where you can tour and see the world. Stay tuned! Thanks for readings and cheers.
Tour and see the world :)


ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...


that's so cute Shawn!!!

I do love it so much..the last picture..

jasperjugan said...

wooowww! nice place! wish i'll be there someday..