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Tour and See the World: Japan, part 1

Tour and See the World: Japan, part 1

OK, this is just the beginning, so do please bear with me!

The Japan tour I will write about starts from Osaka and ends up in Tokyo, Japan. So the very first day, I only managed to get these photographs when I landed in Osaka, as it was dark at night, and we all know that tours count travelling as the first day. (Travel tour leaders and tour agencies need to feed families.)

First of all, from Singapore, we flew to Tokyo International Airport, also known as Haneda airport. Then, we took a domestic flight to Osaka. We stayed in the airport hotel, known as Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport. Apparently this hotel is very famous, and in any case, it was very comfortable and we enjoyed our stay there!

This is how Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport looks like.

Another view of the famous Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport.

This is how the airport terminal wing looks like. The Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport happens to be right opposite to the airport terminal.


I won't be posting for the next few days as I am checking exam results and then deciding to do an ISM or some other form of academic research. So I won't be writing till next week. But no worries - there will be more pictures of beautiful Japan in the next post, of course! In the next post, I visit Universal Studios Osaka. Special thanks to M L and special thanks to Miss D M who recommended that I visit Universal Studios in Japan. It was interesting experience of a lifetime!

Tour and see the world!

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