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Tour and See the World: Pictures from Venice, Italy, part 2

Tour and See the World: Pictures from Venice, Italy, part 2

OK, since I haven't been posting a lot of beautiful pictures and haven't been writing a lot of materials for my travel site here, I am making it up by adding a lot of pictures today. Wow, here's the second set of beautiful pictures from Venice in Italy... the ones that I promised would be more beautiful than the more, or merely slightly more boring pictures in the earlier set.

Here goes, I'll let Italy do the talking for me as I am too lazy to write more about Venice! :) Heh heh heh... sorry!!

Tour and see Venice, Italy! Part 2

Sitting on a gondola in Venice in Italy is great because you can see all the great waterways in Venice... :)

That's it for this post now.
More to come in future posts, and you can see more of Venice, Italy. The gondola rides and all those waterways really make me feel that I miss Italy already, although I only visited Rome and Milan, and it was my other intreprid traveller friends who visited Venice.
Do stay tuned! Thanks for reading and all the best to you :) Cheers!
Tour and see the world!
PS One day, when I feel really hardworking and inspired to write, I shall write all about the travel experiences I had in Europe, especially in Italy. It is romantic, but then again, Italy is also quite ... different ... (dirty, smelly, yet sometimes clean, full of churches, yet full of vice, boring yet vibrant, full of history yet with some hint of modernity amidst backwardness, poor yet seemingly rich, divisions abound... ... ... ... it is hard to describe in one post so that shall be my future travel assignment for my travel blog, I guess).

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