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Tour and See the World: Pictures from Venice, Italy

Tour and See the World: Pictures from Venice, Italy

First, my sincerest apologies to my faithful and good readers! Especially my Manchester friends, my travel friends, my best friend Mavis, and also Zara who writes and comments on my travel blog often. I have been doing so many exams that I have smoke coming out of my ears.... and now I finally have time to write on my travel site.

Also, one major update: I am going to Japan soon, from 19th to 25th, so don't miss me... if you even miss me at all! :) I will be visiting and travelling to Osaka and Tokyo, especially going for the sights and sounds of... Universal Studios in Osaka Japan and Disneyland in Tokyo Japan! I can't wait for my holiday. Quite naturally when I return from my holiday and my great tours, I shall write all about it and also post up the pictures. I don't have to work these holidays, so I have quite some time to blog and write, but then again, there's IPPT and that's going to take up some of my time. That means: I am back here to blog on my travel site! Thank goodness.

I also have been invited to write on travel site or something like that, and I am very flattered. I might do something about it because this means that my star is on the rise and I have the chance to rise up in the blogosphere pecking order ... or even challenge the bigwigs of travel writing! :)

Alright, now onto business. I mean, onto travel writing and photo posting. In the last post I wrote about Paris and Disneyland and you saw the most beautiful pictures of Paris Disneyland, one of my favourite travel destinations. Now, my intrepid traveller friends have gone to many places, and one of the places is...

Venice, Italy!

Here are beautiful pictures from Venice, Italy... a romantic and beautiful place, in its own way. But before the beautiful pictures, here are some pictures of Italy when you first see it... a little bit "boring" first.... .... :)

More pictures to come on Venice, Italy, in the next post on this travel site. These pictures don't look exciting at first, then they get better in the next post. More to come in the next post :) :)
It's great to be back in the travel blog writing circuit. Thanks for reading and cheers!
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muffin girl said...

the old blog ( was having some problems so I finally decided to move there (just take off a "Y" from the old url!)
please update you kinks and bookmarks!
thanks :-)

ps. wow Venice! how romantic....

Shawn Seah said...


Yes I have updated your travel blog link! Do also pls comment on the Italy pictures if you have the time. I don't know much about Venice as my friends went there but I didn't! :(

Thanks and cheers, do write back :)