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Tour and See the World: Pictures from Venice, Italy, part 3

Tour and See the World: Pictures from Venice, Italy, part 3

I will be going off for my holiday in Japan (Osaka and Tokyo!) in a few days' time, and so here I am with more pictures of Venice in Italy.

Anyways, I just have to say this: I know this is the holiday period and so there are few of my erstwhile supporters reading this travel blog of mine and looking at the various travel and tour pictures, so I understand! I really do. Do please write to me and comment on my tagboard or here at this post on Venice when you guys come back from holiday, especially Zara, my blogosphere friend :)

Anyways, I can describe Venice as very beautiful and full of boats, water, waterways and gondolas... water, water, water, water! Well that's about it for my use of language describing Venice, although my history teachers and Michael Kelly from school will beg to differ (or be angry at the paucity of my language).

Well, pictures speak louder than words when it comes to my travel site, anyways. Do please enjoy the beautiful pictures that follow and I will see you when I come back from my tour of Japan, with more pictures of Italy and Japan in future!

Thanks for reading and cheers! More pictures of Venice in Italy to come in future posts, here on my travel site! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the pictures.
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