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Tour and See the World! My South Korea Trip, part 3 - indoor theme park Lotte World!

Tour and See the World! My South Korea Trip, part 3 - indoor theme park Lotte World!

Welcome to Seoul's coolest indoor theme park, Lotte World! (Which I always jokingly call Lotti World instead of the LOH TAY world that it's supposed to be called.) Located in Seoul, South Korea, Lotte World is one of the most exciting indoor theme parks in the world, with many activities ranging from ice skating to sitting on wonderful fake hot air balloons, to even a kind of wild-wild-wet water ride in the theme park as well! Yes, believe it or not, this theme park is indoors! It boasts an ice skating rink!

There are also some shopping opportunities and everywhere in Lotte World, including its neighbouring Lotte World Hotel, you can see their mascots or characters - Lotty and Lorry, the two anthropomorphic, racoon-like bear mascots. Lotty and Lorry have a whole range of merchandise for sale as well. I was lucky because of the Korean War resurgence scare, which made the exchange rate in the Singapore dollar's favour, so I bought many souvenirs for Mavis and myself. Kids and adults both like this theme park, although Lotte World is more suitable for children and young couples.

The wonderful pictures from Seoul's Lotte World follow below - do enjoy:

I have been to Lotte World twice, and it has never stopped amazing me from the first time I toured it. Staying in the theme park's hotel was also very interesting and a new experience, especially since I was there during the World Cup period. (South Korea lost to Argentina though, so that was quite sad.) However all said, I simply love it here! 

Thanks for reading and cheers.

Tour and See the World!

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