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Tour and See the World! My South Korea Trip, part 6 - More Scenes from Jeju Island and The All In House

Tour and See the World! - The All In House, Jeju Island, Korea!

Hello and welcome back to my travel blog! In this post on Jeju Island, we visit the All In House at Jeju Island, Korea! I know that not all my readers are fans of Korean dramas but this was indeed one of the attractions that I visited while on tour in South Korea, so here goes - The famous All In House in Korea that hosted and housed some gambling show or something like that. I myself am more a casual viewer of Korean shows. The fans or professionals of Korean dramas would definitely appreciate this place better than I have, so for that I sincerely apologise. The wonderful pictures follow below here:

This is how Jeju Island looks like... another wonderfully natural scene of the coastline at Jeju Island. By the way, after touring the All In House, we tourists later went for some high powered water ride in the sea soon thereafter! I can tell you that the scene right here is indeed beautiful - but the water is incredibly cold and very, very salty...

The All In House! This is the main tourist attraction here.

This is the famous church, which seems to be a cross between a Protestant Church and a Catholic one.... but oh well, it's the movies! (There is no Jesus on the cross, yet there is a Mother Mary at the back of the Church. Then again, it's the movies and this was built specially for the show.) The All In House is at the back of this place, so let's call this the All In Church :) It's part of the set.

More to come on South Korea here on my travel site, so please stay here with me. Thanks for reading and viewing, and cheers!

Tour and See the World - All IN!! - South Korea, Jeju

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