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Tour and See the World! My South Korea Trip, part 5 - Scenes from Jeju Island!

Tour and See the World! My South Korea Trip, part 5 - Scenes from Jeju Island!

I also visited Jeju Island, which lies to the south of South Korea - a very interesting and lovely island! I heard from the tour guide that there are more women in Jeju island than men because in the past, the people were mainly fishermen or fishing folk, and the vast majority of Jeju islanders who were male were involved in fishing. Whenever there were huge waves or, for want of a better euphemism, water accidents, then there would be more widows and unmarried women. Interesting nugget; probably apocryphal, I'd say.

I hope you love the wonderful scenes from Jeju Island below - don't worry, I will post the famous and very popular All In House, from Jeju Island, in the next post here on my travel blog!

I understand that the whole island is volcanic, and as such boasts many small hills and small mounds or mounts. This is one of them, and Mavis and I climbed up the little hill/mound/mount. It was tough! So we gave up and went for grape ice cream instead. Come on, we're on holiday - exercise is optional :)

This is the famous mysterious road in Jeju Island - the road seems to be slanting upwards and indeed to all eyes and passersby, the road is indeed going upwards. Yet the bus seems to be effortlessly moving up the slope, although the engine is turned off. Can this be proof that the laws of gravity are merely suggestions or guidelines? The five tonne vehicle is moving up the slope without the power of the engine, contravening gravity! This is worth an actual visit because it is such a cute, and curious, tourist attraction. A must see!

Jeju Island being an island and traditional and all - you should visit the traditional Jeju Island village. There you can be regaled with the tales about how women do all the work - because there are just so few men! I would say it's an incredibly unique island attraction, but I wouldn't visit it a second time.

The wonderful seaside with its natural beauty - while not as exciting as the travel pictures I have from Australia, which boast of coasts and the Indian Ocean, this is a scene of Jeju Island's rocky and apparently volcanic seaside. For Singaporeans it's quite interesting to see, feel and live nature; we don't have much of these natural rocks, mountains and volcanic bits.

Soon to come, anyways - your fave All In House at Jeju Island! Please do stay tuned to my travel site; thank you very much. Thanks for reading and cheers!

Tour and see the world! - South Korea, Jeju

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