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Tour and See the World! My South Korea Trip, part 2

Tour and See the World! My South Korea Trip, Everland Theme Park, part 2

Welcome back. I won't be posting about my trip in the order that I went, meaning in chronological order, but I will be instead posting about themes. And my first theme in my South Korea trip is Everland, also known as Yongyin Everland Theme Park. (Hey, this homegrown South Korean place is so good to visit that some people compare it with Disneyland!)

Everland is so beautiful and interesting that actually a single travel blog post isn't going to do much justice to it. I visited Everland in 2005, and revisiting it in 2010 was simply marvellous. I would say that Everland is a myriad mixture of a theme park, a zoo, a flower garden full of flowers and arrangements, and also a shopping complex. It's all that rolled into one park, and I strongly recommend that you visit it when you visit Korea! :)

There are many areas and zones in Everland that you can visit and play in, depending on your interests and hobbies. I would say that spending one day there is sufficient if there aren't many people and it isn't crowded. However, if Everland is crowded, most likely you'd have to visit it a second time to see that you've not exhausted all its possibilities! Without further ado, please enjoy the wonderful pictures that Mavis and I took from Everland, South Korea! Thanks for reading and cheers.

Tour and see the world! South Korea trip - and in this post, Everland Theme Park :)


maso.tee said...

Hi i love theme park too! ;)
Everland in Seoul or Jeju? How much the entrance fee?

Shawn Seah said...

Everland in Seoul :) Well, I forgot already... oops sorry! But it's a great theme park to visit, there's no doubt about it :) Thanks for the nice comment!