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Tour and See the World! My South Korea Trip, part 7

Tour and See the World! My South Korea Trip, part 7

I think this little section is very worth it for teddy bear lovers and fans for cute, cuddly things... I visited and toured the Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju Island, Korea! Here are the pictures I took while at the amazing Teddy Bear Museum, which boasts of all sorts of teddy bears ranging from historical figures to traditional Korean figures, and many many more types of curios and interesting things that you can see and enjoy!

Below, for instance, you can see the original care bear series on the shelves in the museum ... before they got modernised into what we are familiar with today!

Below you can see an interesting mix - Disney bears, simulating Disneyland, with Mickey Mouse bear and many other familiar yet quaint icons and characters! There are many such exhibits for you to look at and identify.

This is the entrance to the famous Teddy Bear Museum! I would say that this is a very nice, tame and cultural experience, so it is definitely worth a tour and a short visit, for beginners, and a long visit if you are a teddy bear expert and love such cute and cuddly creatures! I loved this place very much and certainly it was for me one of the highlights of Jeju Island (for instance, I didn't appreciate the All In House that much simply because I watch few Korean dramas.)

Thanks for viewing these travel pictures and cheers. More to come on Korea in my tour blog; do stay with me as I tour and see the world!

Tour and see the world!! - South Korea, Teddy Bear Museum, and much more stuff

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