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Tour and See the World! Sorrento Quay, Western Australia, part 7

Tour and See the World! Sorrento Quay, Western Australia, part 7

In this post, here on my travel site, I show you the beautiful Sorrento Quay with its serviced apartments for rent and the wonderful yachts and boats in their bays, floating gently upon the peaceful water! There are also many novelty and simple shops at Sorrento Quay. Sorrento Quay is about 20 minutes north of Perth, Western Australia and boasts a beautiful view of the ocean. I also went to have a look at the Sorrento Quay website and found that it is located on Western Australia's Sunset Coast and that it's actually completely named the Sorrento Quay Boardwalk! Be careful not to fall into the water while walking alongside the quay, though! And also be careful of the flying birds when you're walking... wear a cap, if you know what I mean :) Below, you will see: the beautiful boats and yachts in their berths, the apartments for rent (or also probably for buying as well), and last but not least the mall/ shopping areas of Sorrento Quay. I think this place is definitely worth a short visit, and definitely worth a long visit if you're considering buying a yacht!

Isn't Australia beautiful?? :) More to come on Perth and Western Australia in future posts here on my travel site! Observation City, St Mary's Cathedral, Joondalup and other parts of Perth coming right up, as soon as I've time to post. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more; cheers!
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LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

Looked really awesome!


Shawn Seah said...

Thank you Zara! :)