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Tour and See the World! Perth, Western Australia, part 12 Final

Tour and See the World! Perth, Western Australia, part 12 Final

Perth doesn't just consist of landed real estate, the Swan River, the City Centre and Miss Maud of course... it also has a lot of other attractions that you might want to visit! I visited the Colonial Gaol (jail, as we call it in English :) ) which basically is a museum in Perth that details the harsh yet interesting lives of the early settlers in Australia. I also visited the Margaret River Chocolate Company, which is a must visit for Singaporeans, because when I was there, there were literally hundreds of Singaporeans eating chocolates and ice cream there. If you're feeling "kiasu", you can always get the free samples to eat rather than paying for your chocolates. (Don't say I didn't tell you.) Also, the vineyards, the vineyards! There are many, many vineyards in Perth - I visited and toured two of them, but I can only remember one of the names. That one of them was Sandalford Wines, Perth, which you can see in the picture below. So to sum up, you'll get to see: a jail museum (small one), the famous Margaret River Chocolate Company, and Sandalford Vineyard (near Perth, the Margaret River and the Swan River).

This brings me to the end of my series on Tour and See the World about Perth, and Western Australia! I would like to thank my uncle for bringing us around Western Australia, and for playing one of the best hosts I have ever met. I loved especially the sights, scenes and sounds of Australia, particularly the nature sites and the nature reserves. I love Australia and I am pretty sure you will love it too. Thanks for reading and cheers!

Tour and See the World! End of series on Perth, Western Australia

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